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Back To School Article On Ezine

Whoa !!!

This is great achievement for me !! Just dying with joy!!

I got my first article published on

First Article Published on Ezine Articles!!!
It’s an article on Back To School Supplies!
Give it a read and tell me your opinion. Waiting for your response.

Here’s the link:
Back To School Supplies List

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Hard-work pays off.
My course for which I had been working for will be launching soon. It’s almost complete!

Will be needing your support and appreciation. 🙂

Here’s a sneak peak:


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Part Of Me That Disappeared

It has been four days but I am unable to control my feelings. I feel like some part of me has just disappeared. Just gone somewhere. I had no idea before that it had so much value in my heart. I never knew I will feel incomplete without it.

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Yes, I Have Learned

Learning is super powerful. It makes one more knowledgeable and helps one improve one’s life and self. Learning might be due to your passion or for a variety of reasons but sometimes we are forced to learn and practice that learning even though our inner self is screaming for us to unlearn the practices and just show what is going on inside of us.

Yes, I have learned

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Wanna Get Techy?

In the fast evolving online world, nearly everyone needs to know what the (heck) HTML/CSS is ? What do you mean by WordPress? How to use the endlessly evolving technologies, etc? And every once in a while we need to go back to the basics to review, relearn or remember or get more deep knowledge of these technies.

For this purpose I am starting FREE online courses to help you learn and star yourself from beginner to the pro level. I need your opinion about the tutorials.