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What It Feels Like To Be A Teacher

“Teachers are so lucky na…?”

“They don’t have to spend sleepless nights preparing for the tests.”

“They spend their time getting dressed up and loading us with more and more homework and loads to learn and practice for tests.”

“They enjoy life and don’t let us do so. But why? Are they crazy?”

These and many others are some of the thoughts we have towards our teachers from a very early age.

As we move towards maturity, we do realize that they don’t hold grudges against us neither are they our enemies but still we hook up to the fact that they just don’t understand how difficult it is to be a student! Or they have forgotten!!

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Bring Back Tabs In Your Chrome Application

I sent my cell phone for some repair. It was repaired and working fine. The settings have been changed a bit as the software had been upgraded. But lo and behold! the Chrome application has its tab vanished.

I can’t see my tabs. I would open a tab and the previous one would be gone. I was unable to switch between tabs.

Then I found that due to the upgrade tabs could not be switched from within the application but could be navigated between like you navigate between open apps. (But pressing and holding the little square below in the navigation area).

This was very unwelcome. I was uncomfortable and didn’t want to make this shift. I want my old way of navigating between the tabs. And I found a way to do that.

Below I have compiled a step by step process, with pictures to help you bring back your tabs.

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6 Benefits Of Hobbies That Shall Not Be Ignored

Hobbies are our interests in varied fields that keeps us nourished. Since very early times we are advised to pursue at least a hobby or two. We enjoy our hobbies but with time we lose track of them, getting too busy in everyday lives.

This is one of the major reasons why adults are more prone to stress and depression than kids. They don’t give time to their hobbies. Hobbies are not just a way to pass your time. They are a blessing. They have numerous advantages that must not be forgotten.

To emphasize the value of something we shall know it’s benefits. Here are some of the numerous benefits of pursuing a hobby.

  1. Hobbies Cultivate your Future.

Hobbies define your future and your interests. Everyone is eager to know about their passion. Your passion is your hobby. You fill up your leisure time with something that relaxes you and that you enjoy. This is your hobby. Your passion. No one is willing to spend their extra time in something that’s not dear enough to them. Your hobby revels your passions.

2. Develop Intellect.

Hobbies opens many arenas and fields for you to explore. You learn new things and increase your knowledge and intellectual level with the help of your hobbies. You retain much better while learning something as part of your hobby because you enjoy exploring the depths of something you care about.

3. Self Exploration.

Through hobbies you explore your own self, revealing your personality that might shock you even. Some major talents are discovered while people explore hobbies and uncover many hidden talents.

4. Stress Busters.

The hustle and bustle of life can tire you. The negativity filling up the world is around you 24/7 in the form of news and some peers even. Losing yourself in something you enjoy can relieve you of the stress of work, life and the negativity of the affairs.

5. Gives A Break.

Who doesn’t need a break at times? Tiredness, stress, tension, all work no play makes us groggy and not so pleasant to be around with. This increases the loneliness and makes us more irritated than we were before. The solution? Get a break with something you enjoy. Or put around in other words, enjoy taking a break. Do something you enjoy solely for yourself and it will refresh you and you pursue your hobby. Hobbies to the rescue!

6. Earns Money.

Who won’t welcome some extra cash in these tough economic times? Your extra earning will be welcoming to your grocery bill or a much deserved pamper session at a spa or salon can become a reality. Earn money with your hobbies. Yes, you can. If you love crafts, make and sell them. Find ways to earn money through hobbies and you’ll be amazed at how much you can earn while enjoying your hobby. That’s a yay-yay!

Do you have any other benefits of hobbies in mind? What is your hobby? How it affects you? Share below in comments.

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30 Ways To Use Post-It Notes

I LOVE Post-It Notes!! Who doesn’t? I don’t know of anybody who does not use them. And there are many who just love ’em. I had a stock of the post-it notes in multiple colors and sizes. Still they are never, ever enough. There’s always room for more to stock up on!


According to

“A Post-It note (or sticky note) is a small piece of paper with a re-adherable strip of glue on its back, made for temporarily attaching notes to documents and other surfaces. A unique low-tack pressure-sensitive adhesive allows the notes to be easily attached, removed and even re-posted elsewhere without leaving residue. Originally small yellow squares, Post-It Notes and related products are now available in an array of colors, shapes and sizes.”

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My Top 5 Dreams I Aspire For

Every person has dreams. Dreams keep you alive. They provide you something to look forward to. I am not talking about dreams that we see whilst asleep. I am talking about the dreams one see with open eyes and strive for them. I am talking goals. Long term as well as short-term. The goals that keep you busy and creative, continuously churning the nuts and bolts of your mind.


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The Imbalances Of Life

It seems that whenever life gets busy, we stop doing what we want to do for ourselves or the things that gives us pleasure.

imbalance in life

We think that this pattern will help us reduce busyness and we will have lesser things and a bit more time. In-fact, we achieve the opposite of this thought-pattern by neglecting ourselves and our passions.

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Being Together But Still Alone

Hmm.. You’re married. Or maybe not. You have a family. You have siblings. You have parents. But don’t you feel alone at times? Even with all these lovely people around? You feel tired even when you’re well rested? Your vacations don’t seem like vacations anymore? Your mind is surrounded by barriers, struck in invisible chains. Why ? Have you ever thought? Do you feel like it? At times, I do feel like it and I have pondered over the reason. And you know what? I have found the answer.

Together But Alone

The global village has made us so near and dear to people far far away but it has taken us apart from the person sitting right next to us waiting for our attention.

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Why I Blog?

I entered the blog-o-sphere about two years ago. I created two blogs, namely Guardian & Mentor and Daily Uphaul Of My Life. With the blogs created I still was unable to get any traffic to any of them. A single “like” and comment would bring utmost happiness to me. As time progressed, due to my insufficient attention to any one of these, both of them suffered stagnant death.

why I Blog

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Three Ways People Go To Bed

Yesterday I did a post on Three Ways To Wake Up ,which triggered an idea about the way people usually end their day. The ways that are followed by many around the globe to sleep.


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Three Ways People Wake Up

Waking up from the depths of slumber sleep is an act that we all do. There are so many things in life that we have to achieve and to accomplish that we can’t waste our life sleeping. Although it could be a hobby even !!! (ask those who wander into dream world a lot! and that too when they are all healthy and active 😉 ).

Wake Up

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