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We Are Moving!!

We are moving!!

I will be deleting this website ( by May 15.

But you don’t have to worry about your subscriptions!

I will be relaunching with brand new name (Home And Work Life) amazing content and much more new features just for you!!!

What you have to do?

  1. Go to this link ( or click here.
  2. Add your email in the email box.
  3. And you’ll be notified when we relaunch and the amazing content becomes available.

There’s  a subscription bonus for all the subscribers.

Having problem subscribing?

We are sorry for inconvenience!

We are setting up and your problem might be due to continuous updates on the website. I hope you understand.

Just send us an email at and I will personally look into the issue for you.

Have some suggestions?

Do you have any suggestions for us regarding website topics or features?

Do you want to see more for a particular topic like recipes, organization, planning?

Want to work with us?

Do you want to guest post on our blog or advertise your products?

Send us an email or message us on Facebook and let us know and we’ll inform you about our policies.

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One Trick That Will Help You Accomplish Your Goals

The New Year was just around the corner…. Umm… 3 whole months before!!!

Who doesn’t love fresh beginnings? Whether it’s a new day, a new session at school/ college/ university, a new designation, a new job, a new course or whatever… beginnings refreshes you (kind of). One feels more productive and enthusiastic at the beginning. Beginnings have the power of making it all look so nice and easy.

When you have to begin a day, you plan for it to make the most of it. An ideal day is the one where you get it all done and still have plenty of time for relaxing, recreational activities and just enjoying the life. But usually the day ends up as the one where a moment of silence is one where you just fall upon your bed at 2 am. Period.

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What It Feels Like To Be A Teacher

“Teachers are so lucky na…?”

“They don’t have to spend sleepless nights preparing for the tests.”

“They spend their time getting dressed up and loading us with more and more homework and loads to learn and practice for tests.”

“They enjoy life and don’t let us do so. But why? Are they crazy?”

These and many others are some of the thoughts we have towards our teachers from a very early age.

As we move towards maturity, we do realize that they don’t hold grudges against us neither are they our enemies but still we hook up to the fact that they just don’t understand how difficult it is to be a student! Or they have forgotten!!

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Transform in 2017

Want to transform your life in 2017?

I have created a group on Facebook where you can add members, share your resolutions and goals for 2017.

You can post your daily, weekly or monthly progress to stay accountable to others having the same goals and following the same journey.

Hold others and yourself accountable in a friendly manner.

Have fun.

Accomplish your goals for 2017.

Steps To Success

1. Join the group

transform in 2017
2. Add members
3. Start your transformation journey!

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Exam Preparation Made Easy

Exams are the bane of a student’s life. During exam season you find questioning the person who gave the concept in the first place. Students are full of innovative and creative ideas about examining an individual’s intellect without the exams. Just ask any student during his/ her exam period and you’ll be surprised!

Many researches that are not in favor of exams are remembered with facts and figures by students than the actual material they are required to remember for their exams!

Are exams really so bad? Should they be banned? What other measures shall be implemented? Let’s keep this discussion for a later time and focus on the ‘dreadful’ exams and how to combat them peacefully. (Yes, it’s possible)

Accept The Reality

Accept that no matter how much you hate exams (or that subject or the teacher) you have to appear for your exams and it’s the only way that you are credited for your intelligence (or lack of it). Prepare yourself for giving the exams and performing your best in them. Use positive self-talk. Be realistic and focus on your studies.

Set Up The ‘War’ Zone

Think of them as a war and be prepared to win over the enemy. Prepare a spot in your home, equip it with your study materials and necessary stationary that you will be needing during preparation and get ready to spent most f your day in the war zone. Keep your guides, notes, and other study material in an organized way in the place so you don’t have to waste time looking for a pen or some piece of paper during your devoted study time. Keep water within easy reach and sip on it from time to time to stay hydrated and active. You know we all get sleepy even at the sight of books! Keep snacks within your reach if you prefer munching while studying but don’t spent time munching rather than studying. And choose your snacks wisely.

Dedicate ‘Chunks’ Of Time For Studying

Allocate enough time in your schedule to cover up all the material. You may feel like ‘darya ko koozey me band karna‘ but you have to endure it. If you haven’t prepared the year round (or half-year for mid terms) you have to put in larger amounts of time into your studies to cover up everything. Stay focused and be fully concentrated towards learning and grasping the material instead of cursing and bad-mouthing teachers, books and exams.

Focus On The Hard Topics

Reverse plan and focus first on the difficult subjects so you can cover them with a much-needed relax state of mind. Go for understanding and learning, rather than rattay maring.

Practice Problems & Diagrams

No matter how highly you think of yourself, do practice formulas, problems, equations and diagrams. Sometimes a point gained here and there can be a lifesaver!

Don’t Prepare ‘Importants’ Only

No matter how lucrative it seems, don’t ever fall prey to preparing the ‘importants’ only and leaving the rest to fate. Remember “Allah helps those who help themselves”. So please give ample time to each section and prepare well.

Don’t Fall Victim to Over/ Under Allocation

Some students focus too much of their time and energy on one topic/subject/ area and then haphazardly prepare others. Don’t fall victim to over allocating or under allocating your time and energy. Plan carefully.

Social Media And Tech Will Still Be There

Rid yourself of distractions. Be smart and avoid your smart phone like plaque. Social media will still be there after your exams. Focus on studies rather than socializing, sharing and being tech-savvy.

Eat well & Sleep Well

Eat and sleep well to ensure proper health and active brain. Stay active. This will rid you of ‘boredom’ you fell during exam preparation. But don’t overdo on sleeping and eating. Remember time is precious and eating and sleeping well doesn’t require a lot of time.

Good luck for your exams!


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6 Benefits Of Hobbies That Shall Not Be Ignored

Hobbies are our interests in varied fields that keeps us nourished. Since very early times we are advised to pursue at least a hobby or two. We enjoy our hobbies but with time we lose track of them, getting too busy in everyday lives.

This is one of the major reasons why adults are more prone to stress and depression than kids. They don’t give time to their hobbies. Hobbies are not just a way to pass your time. They are a blessing. They have numerous advantages that must not be forgotten.

To emphasize the value of something we shall know it’s benefits. Here are some of the numerous benefits of pursuing a hobby.

  1. Hobbies Cultivate your Future.

Hobbies define your future and your interests. Everyone is eager to know about their passion. Your passion is your hobby. You fill up your leisure time with something that relaxes you and that you enjoy. This is your hobby. Your passion. No one is willing to spend their extra time in something that’s not dear enough to them. Your hobby revels your passions.

2. Develop Intellect.

Hobbies opens many arenas and fields for you to explore. You learn new things and increase your knowledge and intellectual level with the help of your hobbies. You retain much better while learning something as part of your hobby because you enjoy exploring the depths of something you care about.

3. Self Exploration.

Through hobbies you explore your own self, revealing your personality that might shock you even. Some major talents are discovered while people explore hobbies and uncover many hidden talents.

4. Stress Busters.

The hustle and bustle of life can tire you. The negativity filling up the world is around you 24/7 in the form of news and some peers even. Losing yourself in something you enjoy can relieve you of the stress of work, life and the negativity of the affairs.

5. Gives A Break.

Who doesn’t need a break at times? Tiredness, stress, tension, all work no play makes us groggy and not so pleasant to be around with. This increases the loneliness and makes us more irritated than we were before. The solution? Get a break with something you enjoy. Or put around in other words, enjoy taking a break. Do something you enjoy solely for yourself and it will refresh you and you pursue your hobby. Hobbies to the rescue!

6. Earns Money.

Who won’t welcome some extra cash in these tough economic times? Your extra earning will be welcoming to your grocery bill or a much deserved pamper session at a spa or salon can become a reality. Earn money with your hobbies. Yes, you can. If you love crafts, make and sell them. Find ways to earn money through hobbies and you’ll be amazed at how much you can earn while enjoying your hobby. That’s a yay-yay!

Do you have any other benefits of hobbies in mind? What is your hobby? How it affects you? Share below in comments.

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30 Ways To Use Post-It Notes

I LOVE Post-It Notes!! Who doesn’t? I don’t know of anybody who does not use them. And there are many who just love ’em. I had a stock of the post-it notes in multiple colors and sizes. Still they are never, ever enough. There’s always room for more to stock up on!


According to

“A Post-It note (or sticky note) is a small piece of paper with a re-adherable strip of glue on its back, made for temporarily attaching notes to documents and other surfaces. A unique low-tack pressure-sensitive adhesive allows the notes to be easily attached, removed and even re-posted elsewhere without leaving residue. Originally small yellow squares, Post-It Notes and related products are now available in an array of colors, shapes and sizes.”

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Complete Back To School Guide For You

Whoa.. Vacations over!! It’s time for back to school. No matter whether your vacations were spent the way you planned or not, you enjoyed a lot or got bored a lot, whether vacations were well spent learning and socialising or not, the hard truth is that they are over.(or nearly so); and it’s time to head back to school.

vacations over

The beginning of new school year (as most of the schools start new session after vacations) brings with it the clean and crisp books, uniforms, stationary and the new water bottle, lunch bag and a whole new year where you can start from scratch and excel in your studies.

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My Eid Before And After Marriage

Marriage changes a person’s life. Some changes are drastic and others come in slowly, helping you to adjust to them. Even if you adjust to changes openly and happily, at times the memories of past still make you nostalgic.

eid mubarak

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Night Nosedive

I was very good at generating ideas, arts, crafting, sketching, decorating, planning and organizing. I was always busy and happy with meaningful work that does get appreciation. I gave my full strength to what I start and accomplish great feats in anything I set my mind too. And then, I got married… Period.