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One Trick That Will Help You Accomplish Your Goals

The New Year was just around the corner…. Umm… 3 whole months before!!!

Who doesn’t love fresh beginnings? Whether it’s a new day, a new session at school/ college/ university, a new designation, a new job, a new course or whatever… beginnings refreshes you (kind of). One feels more productive and enthusiastic at the beginning. Beginnings have the power of making it all look so nice and easy.

When you have to begin a day, you plan for it to make the most of it. An ideal day is the one where you get it all done and still have plenty of time for relaxing, recreational activities and just enjoying the life. But usually the day ends up as the one where a moment of silence is one where you just fall upon your bed at 2 am. Period.

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Year In Review – 2016

Each year brings a fresh new slate for you to work on.

A book of 365 pages is given to you with fresh crisp pages, nothing written on it. You are now the owner of this diary. Each day is the new beginning. It provides you with multiple choices each day to work over. The power of choice and making your choices profitable for you is in your hands.

Yes! You can make a difference and that too not only in your life but also in the life of millions others. All this can happen once you have clarity and order in your life.

To have clarity and order in your life, you must grow with each passing day, each passing year. To track your progress, you must have goals that you have carefully planned to achievement. Planning and then taking practical steps to achievement.

Without practical steps and analysis of your progress you cannot grow. You will have no idea where you were standing, how much you have improved and how much more you have to work for in the particular area.

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Transform in 2017

Want to transform your life in 2017?

I have created a group on Facebook where you can add members, share your resolutions and goals for 2017.

You can post your daily, weekly or monthly progress to stay accountable to others having the same goals and following the same journey.

Hold others and yourself accountable in a friendly manner.

Have fun.

Accomplish your goals for 2017.

Steps To Success

1. Join the group

transform in 2017
2. Add members
3. Start your transformation journey!

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Workouts I Am Not Really Working Out

They say that to lose weight you have to control your diet and workout.

Exercise and working out gives you a healthy mind-set, toned body, beautiful glow, reverses aging, improves and strengthens memory, etc etc.

In my quest to workout to lose eight I started watching these workouts.

I did followed these once, twice or thrice but ended up flopping on the floor before building my stamina or getting a toned body back.

But I love, love these workouts as they are easy to do (much more easy to watch) and do help if you follow them for at least a week.

In my case I ended up watching these daily as a ritual instead of working out.

I thought I would share them so maybe someone else do workout instead of just watching these workouts.

Workout 1:

It’s a 7 minute workout that targets your abs and aims to get rid of belly fat within 10 days. I didn’t tried for 10 days but I do know it makes you really stretch and bend. Let’s see if someone does and what the results are for them.

Workout 2:

if you want to sweat like crazy this is the workout!!! It aims for  five rounds but I flopped in round one after mountain climbers, while doing bur-pees. So I did 2 rounds of high knees and mountain climbers and I love mountain climbers as long as my hands don’t hurt. Ouch!

Workout 3:

This one’s great if you’re a total beginner. It helped me correct many postures of mine. Remember wrong postures increases damage and decreases efficiency.

Workout 4:

This workout is my favourite nowadays. Really good for lazy butts like me. I am getting lazier day by day. I think I will lose some laziness if I do workout instead of just watching these workouts.


It’s like I am not motivated enough. What about you? How do you motivate yourself to stay fit and to workout? Curious and eager to know, seriously!

Have you tried any of these? Do you follow a workout regimen? What’s that? Share below to motivate others and stay motivated.

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6 Benefits Of Hobbies That Shall Not Be Ignored

Hobbies are our interests in varied fields that keeps us nourished. Since very early times we are advised to pursue at least a hobby or two. We enjoy our hobbies but with time we lose track of them, getting too busy in everyday lives.

This is one of the major reasons why adults are more prone to stress and depression than kids. They don’t give time to their hobbies. Hobbies are not just a way to pass your time. They are a blessing. They have numerous advantages that must not be forgotten.

To emphasize the value of something we shall know it’s benefits. Here are some of the numerous benefits of pursuing a hobby.

  1. Hobbies Cultivate your Future.

Hobbies define your future and your interests. Everyone is eager to know about their passion. Your passion is your hobby. You fill up your leisure time with something that relaxes you and that you enjoy. This is your hobby. Your passion. No one is willing to spend their extra time in something that’s not dear enough to them. Your hobby revels your passions.

2. Develop Intellect.

Hobbies opens many arenas and fields for you to explore. You learn new things and increase your knowledge and intellectual level with the help of your hobbies. You retain much better while learning something as part of your hobby because you enjoy exploring the depths of something you care about.

3. Self Exploration.

Through hobbies you explore your own self, revealing your personality that might shock you even. Some major talents are discovered while people explore hobbies and uncover many hidden talents.

4. Stress Busters.

The hustle and bustle of life can tire you. The negativity filling up the world is around you 24/7 in the form of news and some peers even. Losing yourself in something you enjoy can relieve you of the stress of work, life and the negativity of the affairs.

5. Gives A Break.

Who doesn’t need a break at times? Tiredness, stress, tension, all work no play makes us groggy and not so pleasant to be around with. This increases the loneliness and makes us more irritated than we were before. The solution? Get a break with something you enjoy. Or put around in other words, enjoy taking a break. Do something you enjoy solely for yourself and it will refresh you and you pursue your hobby. Hobbies to the rescue!

6. Earns Money.

Who won’t welcome some extra cash in these tough economic times? Your extra earning will be welcoming to your grocery bill or a much deserved pamper session at a spa or salon can become a reality. Earn money with your hobbies. Yes, you can. If you love crafts, make and sell them. Find ways to earn money through hobbies and you’ll be amazed at how much you can earn while enjoying your hobby. That’s a yay-yay!

Do you have any other benefits of hobbies in mind? What is your hobby? How it affects you? Share below in comments.

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My Top 5 Dreams I Aspire For

Every person has dreams. Dreams keep you alive. They provide you something to look forward to. I am not talking about dreams that we see whilst asleep. I am talking about the dreams one see with open eyes and strive for them. I am talking goals. Long term as well as short-term. The goals that keep you busy and creative, continuously churning the nuts and bolts of your mind.


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Habits Of Unsuccessful People That You Must Avoid

All of us want to succeed in life. We are always on a look out for the habits and decisions that will make us more successful in our career or life in general. But we must also be aware of the habits that keep us from being truly successful. We must strive to avoid the habits that become a hindrance to the success that can be all ours only and if only these habits are not ours.


Although it’s hard to avoid bad habits and to completely quit them but it is not impossible. Here is a list of some habits that make you unsuccessful so avoid these and succeed.

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Coloring IS F-U-N

Colors, drawing, pictures, lots of coloring books, sketching makes our imagination run wild!

We adults, associate these tasks with children who are full of life, carefree, living in a world of their own. Who has time to indulge in such an activity as coloring?

But studies show that you should take some time for this “childish” activity!

Coloring is for adults too.


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Removing Junk

Junk gets accumulated. We all agree with it.

We only realize the accumulation of junk when it becomes a hindrance in our daily activities.

Whether it is the junk cluttering up our homes, junk files using valuable space on our PCs’ or junk food making us sluggish, unhealthy and obese.

Junk makes us uncomfortable!
Junk makes us uncomfortable!

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Ultimate Place To Find Happiness

Happiness… Smile… Happy… The words have a very comforting place and sound. As you read or hear them, you feel a comforting sense overtaking your whole mind and body. Your spirit enlightens with a laughing sound of a child, the laughter of children playing, the old ladies enjoying an evening out.

Everyone wants to be happy. Happiness gives a relief to the stressed and tensed feeling that is now an integral part of modern day life. We all strive for happiness, to rid ourselves of stress and feel light like a feather.

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