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Pamper Session # 2

The last week was busier than the week before that. The only break was Salah time or time in the washroom. 😛


So I pampered myself with a cup of tea in my bedroom and a book that I have started. I only managed to do so before the rest of the house was up and I was able to only have the lone-leisure time for 10 minutes but it was worth it. I was happy throughout the day and felt much more awaken and full of energy.

How did you pamper yourself last week? What have you planned for this week’s pamper session? Show your care by commenting below.

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Pamper Session # 1

Pampering oneself has a lot of benefits. It keeps us more focused and more enjoyable to be around because once we have give ample care to us we don’t feel deprived and are better able to take care of others.

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There are many health benefits associated with pampering as well. As they say that a healthy mind lives in a healthy body. So make pampering part of your routine and flourish in all arenas of life

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