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Time Flies When You Have Work With A Capital “W”

It has been nearly 5 days and it seems like just yesterday. Like how is it possible that I had not worked and replied to clients for almost 5 days. But I was busy. There was so much work that most of my time was spent working and thinking of what was left and what was done. And unfortunately I had no time to take a snap here or there of the arrangements.


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Dailies To Daisies

Household chores are a never-ending cycle. They are very confusing. You just washed mountains of clothes one day and as the day ends there are again some more and if you don’t tackle them you have another mountain and no clean clothes. But the way out is not dreading them. Instead do them in a systematic manner and enjoy doing them. In this way the chores will get done and you’ll have fun.

Make chores fun
Photo from by Orin Zebest

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