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When Laziness Strikes

When laziness strikes and you’re overwhelmed not by work but by your thoughts.

This is my life at the moment.

I don’t know why?

I don’t know what to do?

Or maybe I just don’t have enough courage or willpower to do it?

This post seems to be the rambli9ngs of my mind. It’s a textual doodle.

I have been thinking about weight loss. Losing weight? Tough? Yes.

I tried to go for walks and jogs for like a week. No results? Pain in legs? Stopped!

Achievement = More weight. 😦

My lifestyle drastically changed after marriage. To eating nothing I was binge eating. I had been to the extremes. I was skinny, slim but had no energy and was immune to flu’s and viral infections. I want that body back again but in a healthy way, Moreover, I just can’t curb the hunger now. No matter how much I tried. And I tried this diligently.

Now I eat, I do the household chores and go for walks but still gaining weight. I blamed the medicines , the hormones but not fitting into my favourite clothes and the yucky feeling that I have 24/7 is no longer settling for a sec now. I badly want to lose weight in a healthy way. I started workout. Poof! Can’t do it for 30 mins. I started small. Managed to coax myself to start and DID start. But pain and no result just increased the weight and yucky feeling and now after numerous and uncountable times once again the journey stopped. Came to a halt.

This has given rise to so many other things. I just don’t want to do anything. Getting lazier day by day. Can’t bring myself to do anything. Even reading a book seems such an exhausting task. I will stand in front of mirror and just curse all the bulging fat and then fall back on bed.

I know all this will vanish once I am consistent in weight-loss journey and will shed some pounds. But when will I stick to one workout and actually lose weight and feel good, is some thing I have no clue about!!!

Have you ever been in such a situation? What did you do? How did you just found the right workout? Share you tips and tricks. They might help!

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Back To School Article On Ezine

Whoa !!!

This is great achievement for me !! Just dying with joy!!

I got my first article published on

First Article Published on Ezine Articles!!!
It’s an article on Back To School Supplies!
Give it a read and tell me your opinion. Waiting for your response.

Here’s the link:
Back To School Supplies List

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Hard-work pays off.
My course for which I had been working for will be launching soon. It’s almost complete!

Will be needing your support and appreciation. 🙂

Here’s a sneak peak:


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A Terribly Terrible Day


Some days are truly very disastrous.

Yesterday was one of them.

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My Eid Before And After Marriage

Marriage changes a person’s life. Some changes are drastic and others come in slowly, helping you to adjust to them. Even if you adjust to changes openly and happily, at times the memories of past still make you nostalgic.

eid mubarak

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Done With The Papers

Okay…. Finally … Hurray…!!  I am done with the papers. Final finals of my life.

Now I tend to focus my attention to many other arenas that I have been planning for so long.

For the beginning I am working on stitching, sewing and creating an application.

What are you currently doing? What are your days filled with?

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Postponed Paper :(

As the paper was postponed to a date not known to us, my after paper plans have been postponed as well. Now that was very bad. I was looking forward to accomplishing those goals and materializing my after paper plans.

My plans had thins like cleaning and decluttering and purging the stuff.

Getting ready for the summer. Spring shopping and clothes stitching.

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After Paper Plans

Preparing for finals is a time-consuming as well as a very daunting task. Especially for those who have constrained and tight schedules and get stressed and tensed so very easily. That totally defines me! What about you?

With the finals of the final semester over your head, the preparation feeling is very different. You are happy as this might be the last papers you are facing (if you don’t plan to continue your education), the feeling of accomplishment of receiving a degree (or diploma) in a specific field, entering the professional world, being able to enjoy the adult feeling that comes when you’re the senior of your institute.

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Night Nosedive

I was very good at generating ideas, arts, crafting, sketching, decorating, planning and organizing. I was always busy and happy with meaningful work that does get appreciation. I gave my full strength to what I start and accomplish great feats in anything I set my mind too. And then, I got married… Period.

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Time Flies When You Have Work With A Capital “W”

It has been nearly 5 days and it seems like just yesterday. Like how is it possible that I had not worked and replied to clients for almost 5 days. But I was busy. There was so much work that most of my time was spent working and thinking of what was left and what was done. And unfortunately I had no time to take a snap here or there of the arrangements.


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