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What It Feels Like To Be A Teacher

“Teachers are so lucky na…?”

“They don’t have to spend sleepless nights preparing for the tests.”

“They spend their time getting dressed up and loading us with more and more homework and loads to learn and practice for tests.”

“They enjoy life and don’t let us do so. But why? Are they crazy?”

These and many others are some of the thoughts we have towards our teachers from a very early age.

As we move towards maturity, we do realize that they don’t hold grudges against us neither are they our enemies but still we hook up to the fact that they just don’t understand how difficult it is to be a student! Or they have forgotten!!

Teachers don’t realize how much pressure students are under. Today’s generation has thousands and billions of things racing their mind even through sleep! How do they(teachers) think we can manage it all and then secure good grades???

All my student- life, I had some of these thoughts for my teachers. Besides the fact that I love my teachers for they have an enormous part in my success, I often had thoughts like they don’t realize just how much we already have on our plates. At least a bit of consideration should be allowed towards us!

Thoughts of teachers living a fancy life and just burdening us with tests while they enjoy and relax and procrastinate in checking our papers were all shattered once I stepped into the world of teaching!!!

Although I was appointed by an institute that have grown up adult-kids. (I used this because at times these grown up adults are  much more trouble makers than kids).

I realized that teaching is way hard than it seems.

It’s hard to:

  • Keep track of all the classes and the courses you are teaching. It does gets mixed up.
  • Keeping pace with multiple intellectual levels in the class.
  • Ignore sarcastic comments and moving on with the lectures.
  • Keep your cool when all you want to do is slap the kid continuously clicking the pen or humming.
  • Answer the same question multiple times, in various ways, affirming they all understand and then hearing at the end of a 2 hour class to just repeat the exact same content that took almost 30 minutes as they have no clue what it was all about.
  • Grade the assignments when you repeat the assignment, write it up on board, explain it twice and then receive some jumbled mess with no regrets.
  • Plan lectures to keep pace with the time duration of course.
  • Plan around again due to interruptions in class, some xyz problem or slow paced learning of some groups.
  • Cope with the impatient students who make you feel (and sometimes say even!) that you are wasting their time when you just have to bring everyone to an approximate equal level of understanding before moving on!
  • When the test papers and assignments you receive (after much physical and mental stress) give you nightmares. You start questioning your intellect at points.
  • Giving marks when you would have given negative marks if at all possible.
  • Prepare test papers and then check them.
  • The other back end hidden work like managing attendance and progress reports are other time draining activities.
  • And then you have your responsibilities at home…

Who says it’s easy being a teacher?

I salute to all teachers around the world for all they go through and provide students a  positive learning environment, no matter what they are feeling or facing. This profession is much under-rated.

Teaching is not just about delivering lectures, it is more about many big and small things that only a teacher can realize!!


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