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Year In Review – 2016

Each year brings a fresh new slate for you to work on.

A book of 365 pages is given to you with fresh crisp pages, nothing written on it. You are now the owner of this diary. Each day is the new beginning. It provides you with multiple choices each day to work over. The power of choice and making your choices profitable for you is in your hands.

Yes! You can make a difference and that too not only in your life but also in the life of millions others. All this can happen once you have clarity and order in your life.

To have clarity and order in your life, you must grow with each passing day, each passing year. To track your progress, you must have goals that you have carefully planned to achievement. Planning and then taking practical steps to achievement.

Without practical steps and analysis of your progress you cannot grow. You will have no idea where you were standing, how much you have improved and how much more you have to work for in the particular area.

You will be clueless about the path you have taken. You won’t be able to know whether you are on the right track or need to change your ways.

For this purpose, reviewing your days is important and reviewing a year is more important as everything is brand new. New days, new moments, New Year. A bigger picture is in front of you and you have the opportunity to track back, analyze your progress, and make changes, plan and move towards success.


Making your plans public and updating your progress is a sure fire way to achievement. When you have multiple of people to hold you accountable, you start the journey. Starting the journey takes you out from the initial inertia that holds you back in your comfort zone.

Reviewing My year 2016

I had the following goals for 2016


Analysing my progress

Let’s analyse my progress on each goal that I had set up for 2016 so I have a better idea of my shortcomings and can plan my path overcoming the hurdles for 2017.

  • Work on my blog

The blog-o-sphere is widespread. Although it as been almost 3 years since I started blogging, I still consider myself in the learning phase. My reason for this is that I have been occupied most of the time with my studies and some household obligations. Adjustments and settling routines was one major hindrance.


Learning the different tactics of the trade and marketing of the blog were my major drawbacks. I have attended a number of seminars and webinars on blogging and marketing and will be diving into the pool of blogging with better preparation in 2017.

My progress on this goal was 50%.

  • Complete my diploma with flying colorsschedule

A full 100% achievement in this goal Alhamdolillah. I would be receiving a gold medal at the convocation InshaAllah. I am badly waiting for the event.




  • Earn online

Okay. So I jumped into the online earning arena with web

site and software development as my armor and content writing & article writing as my armatures. This was a learning experience rather than the earning experience. I learned a lot of ways in which people can spam you. The biggest lesson was to always, always taking some amount as advance no matter who the person (client) is.


Marketing is once again a much needed area to focus on. So let’s hope for the best and get things prepared and proposals written.

  • Read at least 12 books (1 book/ month)

A long-loving, forgotten in the day-to-day tasks passion of mine is reading books. I pledged to read more once again and I succeeded. Besides course books, I read a lot and learned a lot. It also provided me with insights into things that I had the hidden ability of and let me discover my hidden talents whilst polishing the already known talents.

My love of books
  • Focus on health

That remained an on and off process. I would give myself a 75% grade on this one.


  • Write for different publications

I did write for a number of publications but not as many as I would like to have written for. But I did gather the necessary information and studied the publications that I plan to write for. So it’s a 60% progressive goal.

  • Create online courses

O yes. My love for teaching. I created a course on for beginners and also a number of tutorials covering the creation of projects- from scratch. It’s a very demanding task as I not only have to record videos and audio while caring for the quality of recorded video, but also edit and re-record at times. The list for topics to cover is huge and I am making remarkable progress here Alhamdolillah.

If you have a project which you like to view a tutorial for, hit contact and describe it to me. I will surely cover it as soon as is possible for me. For more details please visit the link on Project Tutorials.

  • Pamper myself weekly

A healthy mind nourishes a healthy body and a well-rested and happy person makes others happy.

watching tv

You have to take care of yourself if you want to take care of others in the best possible manner. This was my motto and I pampered myself each week, even if the pampering included a much needed talk or relaxing for 30 minutes in total bliss or reading a book. 100% on it and I felt much relaxed, energized and less stressed when dealing with the life on a daily basis.

This was my 2016 in review. How was your 2016? How did you progress?

Soon I will be sharing my goals for 2017. Looking forward to hearing your goals for 2017. Comment below and stay updated by subscribing and following on social media. Thank you. Happy analyzing!


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