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30 Ways To Use Post-It Notes

I LOVE Post-It Notes!! Who doesn’t? I don’t know of anybody who does not use them. And there are many who just love ’em. I had a stock of the post-it notes in multiple colors and sizes. Still they are never, ever enough. There’s always room for more to stock up on!


According to

“A Post-It note (or sticky note) is a small piece of paper with a re-adherable strip of glue on its back, made for temporarily attaching notes to documents and other surfaces. A unique low-tack pressure-sensitive adhesive allows the notes to be easily attached, removed and even re-posted elsewhere without leaving residue. Originally small yellow squares, Post-It Notes and related products are now available in an array of colors, shapes and sizes.”

And one cool thing is that post-it notes were invented by mistake! Yes! You heard read that right. They were invented by mistake. A mistake turned into a love. Here’s a lesson for all of us to never be afraid of mistakes. They are good for us. Explore new arenas without the fear of making mistakes. You may invent something by mistake! 🙂

Jokes apart. I find post-it notes not only fun and easy to use but also multipurpose. I use them in a variety of ways. They make life so much easier for busy souls(and not so busy ones) equally. I searched the internet to see whether post-it notes can be used elsewhere or not. The results were amazing! Below are some useful ways I use them and found how they can be used.


Read on the uses of post-it notes:

  1. Bookmarks. Use post-it notes as bookmarks. They don’t slide and drop down from books. Stick the adhesive part on the paper and the remaining part outside to easily get to the page you bookmarked.
  2. Note taking helper. While reading a book you might want to take notes of something. Use post-it notes! I remember during my school and college days there were many assignments that required us to analyze some particular thing that was spread out across multiple pages. The easiest and time-saving solution I found was to jot the findings on a post-it note and stick it on that page, near the particular paragraph. Then bookmark the page with a post-it note and move forward, doing this for the whole assignment. In the end I just compile the post-it notes and my analysis is done!
  3. Coasters. You can use these loves as coasters too. Think moving day, dorm, college canteen…coaster
  4. Memorization Friends. Want to memorize something new? Formula? Multiplication tables? Rules? Chemical equations? Vocabulary words? Post-it notes to rescue. Write on them and stick on multiple places where you are bound to see them and read once while glancing at them. You’ll memorize things quickly and easily without feeling like you’re memorizing.
  5. Reminders. Use them as reminders all over the place and you’ll never forget things. Have to return the library book? Post the reminder on the door and your book bag. Have to call someone? Post a reminder on your phone or some place where you’ll see it. Have to take the assignment with you? Post on your bag/ purse.
  6. Arts & Crafts. Have fun with the post-its. Create an outline of something and fill it up with post-it notes. Make collages or scrapbooks with ’em. Post-it notes are not only for serious stuff!post-itnotes
  7. Calendar Rescue. Who hate those scribbles and mistakes on a calendar box? I do!! Big time!! It doesn’t even look neat. My solution? Use post-it notes on the blocks. In this way, if there’s a mistake you can remove the note, if an appointment is rescheduled all you have to do is, re-stick the note on the newly scheduled date. Voila!! You can even create your very own personalized calendar with post-it notes. Plan your menus using post-it notes.crafts
  8. Love Notes. Use post-it notes as love notes in the lunch box of your kid/ spouse or their diary or some other stuff. This will show them how much you love them and care for them.
  9. Labels. These loves can be used as labels for all things you can imagine. Be it your flour/ cornflour packs, boxes in your pantry, or big cartons of stuff in your attic/ store-room or when you are moving. Bonus Tip: Use different colored post-it notes for different rooms when moving to a new place. This will make it easier for movers as well as you to know just by looking at the carton where it should go!
  10. Gifts. They can be given as gifts too.
  11. Clean your keyboard. Use the sticky part of the post-it to clean the dust between the keys of your keyboard.
  12. Catch Dust. Fold the note in twice and stick just below the point you want to drill! All the dust residue will be collected in the note and there will be no flying dust everywhere.drill
  13. Marking The Points. Assigned to read from this point to that one? Mark the beginning and ending points with post-it notes with the instruction written on them, in case you forget some 😉
  14. Easy Repetitive Access. Tired of flipping all the pages to reach the notes or glossary section at the end?Hassled by flipping the questions page and then flipping through the chapter and returning to the page again by flipping, losing focus in the way? Mark the page for easy repetitive access later on!
  15. Mark library books! Reading a book and find something very interesting to copy later? is someone calling when you’re reading a book? What do you do then? Mark the book, you say. But what if it’s a library book? You can still mark it using post – it notes. Aren’t they a rescuer?
  16. Favorites Pointer. Read a really interesting piece? Mark and point to it with a post-it note. An excerpt that really intrigues or motivates you? Mark that too with a post-it note!
  17. Temporary scotch tape. Post-it notes can be used as temporary scotch tapes! Use the adhesive part to stick the things around.
  18. Temporary Paper holder. Use it as a temporary glue stick. Fold the adhesive part with papers in between and you have them in one compilation rather than a multiple loose sheets.
  19. Identifier for cables/ pens. Use post-it notes to identify the cables for each of your geek toys and color code the pens so everyone knows whose pen has been found from under the couch!cables
  20. Mini shopping list. Post-it can be used on your refrigerator to jot down anything that you’re running short of. On your market day, just grab the mini-list, stick it on your cart, shop, throw the list if you want to. You have everything and free arms during shopping!
  21. Expiry reminders! The leftovers always (or so it seems) get pushed to the back of the refrigerator? The half-used items in the pantry shoved on the back shelf? Put a post-it note on the door of refrigerator and pantry with leftovers/ half-used items written with their expiry dates. This saves time, money and frustration!
  22. Flip Book. Create a flip book with whole packets and packets of post-it notes!
  23. Motivators. Use them as motivators around the house with your goals and the results of accomplishments that you will reap on them and go crazy posting them!
  24. Inspirational Doses. Write inspirational quotes on them and post them around. You ever know when a quote or a dialogue will add the much-needed inspiration and energy in your system to get you out of the blue.
  25. Navigator. Find it hard to look the directions on Google Maps or the good old paper ones? Do you get side-tracked? Draw or write the directions on a post-it note and stick it on your steering wheel. Whoa! You just invent your own navigator!
  26. Create signs. Create personalized signs with post-it notes. Go crazy with your creativity. Use your imagination!
  27. Name Badges. Save pins, save clothes. Use post-it notes as name badges.
  28. Brainstorming. Brainstorm ideas on post it notes. Or create a nice brainstorming sheet with a different part on a different post-it note and details regarding that part on it.brainstorm
  29. Gift tags. Create personalized gift tags with the beloved post-it notes.tag
  30. Doodle Away. Doodle away your boredom on post-it notes! Later research what your doodles mean. You might uncover some personality traits!doodle

These are the ways we can use post-it notes all around the different areas. Do you love post-it notes? Want to share some more ideas? How do you use post-it notes? Comment below!


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