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My Top 5 Dreams I Aspire For

Every person has dreams. Dreams keep you alive. They provide you something to look forward to. I am not talking about dreams that we see whilst asleep. I am talking about the dreams one see with open eyes and strive for them. I am talking goals. Long term as well as short-term. The goals that keep you busy and creative, continuously churning the nuts and bolts of your mind.


I too have such dreams, goals or vision whatever you name them.


After getting education through diploma and various short courses, I am focusing most of my time in building my reputation and career as a software developer. You might have noticed an emphasized “the” in the quotations, in the heading. That’s what I want. Most of my emphasis and energy is diverted towards achieving this goal. I strive to be a the software developer who is known for her work and dealership with the clients.



Sharing my thoughts with the world through blog has provided the much needed platform I wished to have. I loved reading and am an avid reader but I can write too was something that remained to some carefully crafted articles, written and then saved in my drawer. I never got them out. Never found the courage to show them to anyone. I always had the fear of being not good enough. Starting blog helped me to overcome that fear. I know I am not a very good writer, neither do I write consistently as at times I feel uncreative or just plain unable enough to give readers a good piece. But I am in the process of overcoming it as well.



During my school years I researched a lot about studying and preparing for test/ exams. Since I had been a top-notch student I wanted to be prepared as best as I could for my college years. I researched a lot on that topic and gained vast knowledge. Similarly I learned, researched and practiced time management skills to a great depth. Organizing and cleaning had been my passions since childhood. I always had a good eye for interior designing. Learning new things, stitching, embroidering and teaching were some activities I did for my pleasure as well as voluntarily for family and friends.


Reason for telling you so? I can give very good advice as well. People consult me with their problems, particularly in these arenas and I do my best to solve them. And they do get positive results later. Its my dream to speak at TED one day as a consultant.


Earning from home is a dream of most people these days. Working from home save time spent in meetings, commuting to and fro from workplace and gives you the space for sick leaves and your choice of  hours for work. You can work for the allotted time in one go or divide it through out the day. I am working on starting some income streams that will help me to earn from home so I can be home in the environment that I love and be able to cook, clean while brainstorming for ideas or in between breaks from work. See how flexible it is!



It won’t be bragging if I say that books are my first love! I read a lot and love to read in quiet surroundings undisturbed. I can literally forget the world around when absorbed in a good book. I read novels, fiction, self-help books, series of children book even. I re-read my books and articles I saved from time to time. It just satisfies my soul. It’s my dream to build a library that will be free for all. I know how much difficulty I faced in being a member of some libraries. Their membership fee was the biggest hindrance in my connection to them.


Theses are some of my visions. The top 5 dreams on my list. My focus is on these. There are many others. But since no one can eat the whole pizza in a bite. You have to slice it, then eat it bite by bite. Same is for my goals. I have a jumbo pizza of dreams and I slice it, then accomplish it bite by bite.

What are your top 5 dreams? Share below in the comments to inspire others.


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