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Complete Back To School Guide For You

Whoa.. Vacations over!! It’s time for back to school. No matter whether your vacations were spent the way you planned or not, you enjoyed a lot or got bored a lot, whether vacations were well spent learning and socialising or not, the hard truth is that they are over.(or nearly so); and it’s time to head back to school.

vacations over

The beginning of new school year (as most of the schools start new session after vacations) brings with it the clean and crisp books, uniforms, stationary and the new water bottle, lunch bag and a whole new year where you can start from scratch and excel in your studies.


To help you prepare for the back to school season so you an get ready and sharpen your axe before hitting the school gate again for a brand new session here is a complete guide for you.

  • Clear Up Your Study Area.

study area

Do you have a designated space or area for studying and completing your homework? If not then designate some space for studying purpose solely. It’s not necessary to have a very intricate and big area to study. You can even use a corner of your home as your study area. The area needs to be well lit and must be away from television, radio and the usual hustle and bustle of the house so you can concentrate on your work. Once you have your study spot designated, clear it up. Get rid of last year’s books, test papers, quizzes, permission slips and worn-out stationary that won’t be used this year. Bless someone else with your books or store them for younger siblings. Clearing up your study spot freshens the environment for you and will help you focus on your homework easily and in a more effective manner.

  • Gear Up With The Supplies.

You need some supplies and tools to hit the bull in the eye! Get the course books and notebooks for the year. The book-list is usually provided at the end of the year result day. If you have lost yours, contact your friends for a copy so that you can buy the correct course. Some bookshops have the whole course packaged beforehand so you can just pick it up by telling your school and class/subjects. But it is always a good idea to check that package before buying as sometimes a book or two is left out by mistake when the shopkeepers are making bundles of the course. It will save you from further hustle and trips to the store. Before buying notebooks, check your old ones if they can be reused.


Tip: My mum used to separate the clean pages from our used notebooks and get them bind into one or more (depending on the pages) notebooks for us that we used as rough registers for taking notes or for practicing maths and chemistry formulas or any kind f revision/ review work.

Apart from books there are multiple other things that you will be needing the whole year round. Refer to Complete List Of Back To School Supplies for the list (printed version include) of most of the things that you will be needing through out your school year.

  • Plan Your Lunch.

lunch box

To retain your energy during the school hours it’s a good idea to have something nutritious and healthy to eat during the lunch break. Set a menu for the week with your parents so it’s easier to prepare and not heavy on their budget.

Some guidelines for planning the lunch:


  1. Let it be something healthy and nutritious.
  2. Don’t pack things that will go rotten when packed for 2-3 hrs (the class time before lunch breaks).
  3. Pack something that is easier to eat and clear up.
  4. Always pack a tissue or two for wiping your hands after your meal.
  5. Properly close the lids of bottles having juices, water, shakes to prevent spills.
  • Plan Your Study Day.


Whether you like it or not, studying is your main business. Consider yourself lucky as there are thousands of people in the world who dream of an opportunity to study. Be thankful to Allah and your parents who provide for you to study in the best education environment they can afford for you. Be considerate towards your studies. Don’t treat them as a burden. Instead focus on the new things you learn each day, no matter how boring or dull they appear. Everything teaches you something for practical life. Yes, the x, y, z of algebra too. You need to be practical towards your studying approach to learn.


Write a plan for your day including rest, personal hygiene, socialising with fnf, your obligations, chores and your study and homework time. Don’t plan for minute by minute as some tasks may take more time and leave you worrying for the remaining. Moreover, plan your study hours well so that you cannot only complete the mountain of homework but also learn a thing or two, practice math and formulas so you’re prepared for grand tests and won’t be so surprised when a teacher decides to take a surprise test.

  • Calendar And Timer Are Your Friends.



Learn to use a calendar and timer effectively so you can be prepared for important days ahead. Mark exam dates, holidays, tests and revision schedule as well as any other important event whether personal or school related on your calendar. It always feels so good and relaxing when you know the date of a major submission, marked it on your calendar and planned and worked for it way before deadline and haven’t forgotten it amongst the daily stress and burden of school life.

  • Get Into The Rhythm.

wakeup time

Sleeping in till noon and being up in the wee hours of night are for vacations. You can’t afford to dwell on such schedule during school days. So it’s better to get your body in the rhythm of regular school timings and out of the laziness trap by adjusting your sleeping patterns and hours accordingly about a week or two before so you don’t sleep during lectures!

It takes a lot of effort and management techniques trial to get ahead and ace the school year. It’s the golden period of one’s life. You’ll realize it only when you enter your practical life. So make the most of this year and the years ahead to prepare you for tackling life challenges ahead. Balance is the key. Balance your schedule effectively. Don’t ignore your studies, fnf or health. Balance them all to lead a happy life ahead.


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