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A Terribly Terrible Day


Some days are truly very disastrous.

Yesterday was one of them.

I repaired my old phone and was very happy with my accomplishment!!! Who wouldn’t when one is a new pro in the field?

As I moved on through the day, things started turning ugly.

  • Over-boiled rice.
  • I put the washing machine to fill and the pipe started to fill… The area outside the machine. With the water-pressure it replaced itself.
  • I forgot to close the machine pipe and refilled it… After washing the clothes.
  • Had to rearrange the clothes on cloths-line due to lack of space.
  • Eagerly sat to work to find a virus filled system. 😦 And the thing is despite all my efforts and various ways of trying to remove the drastic unwelcomed trojans and others, they are either crashing the system or hanging it. And the viruses were hard on work, they had made so many changes in registries and copied blah blahs to blah blah locations in less than 24 hours that I am astounded!

Just want to quit for the day! Wishing it all to be a nightmare and my system would be clean and healthy, up and running, enabling me to write and read and work on my projects.

P.S. Laziness and busyness – No BACK UP even to rely onto. The projects, the deadlines…!!! Ahhhhhh….. !!!


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