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Prepare For Ramadan

Ramadan is a month of blessing. It is a month to purify our souls and detox our spirits and bodies. During Ramadan we must try to decrease our sins and the worldly affairs and spend more time getting closer to Allah Subhana’hu WaTa’ala.

Ramadan Title

But how a large chunk of Muslims spend there Ramadan is totally different from what they should be doing in order to gain the blessings of this Holy month.

In this post, I have discussed some distractions that we suffer from and how to overcome these distractions.


The common distractions during Ramadan are:

  • Work (office or housework)
  • Entertainment (TV, Music, Radio, Internet videos, etc)
  • Sleeping
  • Shopping
  • Family issues
  • Social Media

Overcoming Distractions

Step 1: Analyze Your Distraction

To resolve any issue/ problem you must be aware of it. To overcome the sufferings of distractions, you must analyze what your particular distraction is. Whether you are addicted to social media, to entertaining, or busy in Eid shopping and sleeping.

Step 2: Find Solution For Your Distraction

Once you have the culprit recognized you can punish it! Treat your distraction with the medicine that it requires. Here are some solutions:

  • Work. If work is your distraction then make a routine for yourself allocating the required amount of time for work. Offices usually reduce the load on their workers, so take the benefit of that. Work, when its time to work and quit when it’s time to say bye to it. Housewives can schedule minimum housework for the month of Ramadan and focus on praying and recitation and understanding of the Holy Qura’an. Please don’t forget Dikhr during your work.
  • Entertainment. The whole year was spent in entertaining and being entertained. Try to find joy in the Dikhr, prayers and enlightenment.
  • Sleeping. Ramadan is not a month to rest, it’s a month to return back to Allah and repent from the worldly tensions that take us away from Allah’s blessings. Sacrifice your sleep for the ultimate blessings in Jannah. It’s not a difficult deal. 🙂
  • Shopping. Complete your Eid preparations before Ramadan starts. This will give you ample opportunity to stay back home during Ramadan and heat of summer and spend your time in more rewarding jobs.
  • Family issues. Jot down the issues and try to resolve them before Ramadan. If not possible, jot them and pray a lot during Ramadan for the resolvement of these issues. Your prayers shall certainly be answered.
  • Social Media. Ahh.. A sinner in disguise. We spent time commenting, repenting others, finding faults, comparing ourselves to others, and just waste time. Social media is not a de-stressor as we think of it, instead it’s a big big big Distraction. Stop virtual socialising and spend the month improving your relationship with Allah Subhana’hu WaTa’ala.

Step 3: Celebrate And Focus

Now celebrate your victory over distractions and spend time in taraweeh, prayers, nawafil, dikhr, understanding and reciting Qura’an.

Share below in comments how you plan to spend Ramadan.


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