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Postponed Paper :(

As the paper was postponed to a date not known to us, my after paper plans have been postponed as well. Now that was very bad. I was looking forward to accomplishing those goals and materializing my after paper plans.

My plans had thins like cleaning and decluttering and purging the stuff.

Getting ready for the summer. Spring shopping and clothes stitching.

Preparing the courses.

Completing the courses.

The long to achieve career goals list.

Most of these have been postponed. But to give myself some peace and the sense of accomplishment I have started with the purging and shopping part. :p

I am almost done with the old stuff out and making place for the new stuff in my room. I am almost done with my spring shopping. Only one more trip to the market and I will be done with the shopping part.

Looking forward to stitching and other goals which may or may not be waiting till the papers.

What do you do in case of a paper rescheduled or postponed? Have you ever experienced it? Share it with me. 🙂


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