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After Paper Plans

Preparing for finals is a time-consuming as well as a very daunting task. Especially for those who have constrained and tight schedules and get stressed and tensed so very easily. That totally defines me! What about you?

With the finals of the final semester over your head, the preparation feeling is very different. You are happy as this might be the last papers you are facing (if you don’t plan to continue your education), the feeling of accomplishment of receiving a degree (or diploma) in a specific field, entering the professional world, being able to enjoy the adult feeling that comes when you’re the senior of your institute.

You aim to perform high on the last papers. I have two finals due that are back-to-back on 28th of April, day after my birthday. (Okay, now this is something that tenses me even more). The above listed feelings are some that I am feeling with tension and anxiety working their way to the top. I ALWAYS get anxious and stressed with regards to papers no matter how much I am prepared. Do you get that feeling? How do you cope with that?

Do share and pray for my final finals. I am aiming to break my records and succeed with greater percentages this time.

See you after papers.



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