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The Imbalances Of Life

It seems that whenever life gets busy, we stop doing what we want to do for ourselves or the things that gives us pleasure.

imbalance in life

We think that this pattern will help us reduce busyness and we will have lesser things and a bit more time. In-fact, we achieve the opposite of this thought-pattern by neglecting ourselves and our passions.

Here’s an example from my life. I love to read books for pleasure. And whenever, due to household responsibilities and obligations I have to devoid myself from reading I feel I have an empty mind. The brain processing actually seems to halt and I feel the rust on it when this time duration maximizes.

Another passion of mine is to write. Whether it is on blogs or on paper. I love to write. Writing helps my creative juices flowing. And when I stop writing the creative juices saddened and leave me begging for their comeback.

To take care of others we first must take care of ourselves. I believe in this self-made mantra but most of the time I don’t really follow it. As a result, whenever my tired glance falls onto the cracked heels, unshaped nails,  rough hands. and black-white headed face, I feel much more tired than I actually am  at that time.

Managing time comes with managing ourselves. Until and unless we give time to ourselves (5-15 minutes a week is better than no time for months!) we won’t feel the happiness that surrounds us.

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