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Pamper Session # 3

Unlike the irregularity with posts on other topics I seem to be pretty regular in keeping up with regular posts about my weekly pamper sessions! 😉 Self-love is important. It gives me a boost of energy in my daily life and lessens the depressed and deprived feeling that usually seems to hung over me nearly all the time.

SO, back to this Friday’s session. As busyness comes my second name during this time, I managed to sneak in some time for my long lost passion of reading books. (and that too other than my course materials!)

Cover of The Courage To Change

So many times before I have started and re-started the book but now I am giving my full attention and absorbing the wonderful lessons from each short story. The lessons are invaluable. They encourage, tingle the feelings, raises spirit, strengthens faith. I’ll highly recommend a read of this book by everyone of you. The book is “Living The Seven Habits; The Courage To Change”  by the well-known author Stephen R. Covey.

I am currently on the part of Raising Children but it not only helps to raise children. It helps with all the matters of public relationships and dealings. It’s a wonderful book. A must-read if you want to have a sneak peak about how people managed to implement the 7 Habits and what circumstances they faced. You will either feel related to them or you’ll see your problems nothing as compared to them. Looking forward to more enlightenment by reading this book.



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