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Time Flies When You Have Work With A Capital “W”

It has been nearly 5 days and it seems like just yesterday. Like how is it possible that I had not worked and replied to clients for almost 5 days. But I was busy. There was so much work that most of my time was spent working and thinking of what was left and what was done. And unfortunately I had no time to take a snap here or there of the arrangements.


Monday night my mother-in-law has to arrive back to home from Umrah. I planned the arrangements and divided the tasks and the quick spring cleaning kind of cleaning and the cooking between our maid and myself. Monday morning the lady arrived but she was SICK and so sick that she was unable to walk 8 steps without rest. Here all the plans dived. Despite her sickness she cleaned my mother-in-law’s room and washed some sheets. I tried to quickly get all the chores done BUT alas! My working speed is so slow that despite all my efforts I finally sat down after working for  8 straight hours! with a break for Salahs only.

how to do it

I cleaned the whole kitchen, scrubbing the counter tops, stove and the accessories over the counter, washed the kitchen, waited for the groceries to arrive, put them in the refrigerator, boiled milk, prepared club sandwiches from scratch and prepared potato cutlets.Later I arranged the table for dinner and waited for her to arrive. She reached home by 11 pm and we had dinner and unpacked the dates and Zam Zam water.  Then it was time for REST. SLEEP.

Tuesday I woke up with the enthusiasm to prepare for my father-in-law’s arrival but it was cancelled due to some reasons. The day was spent unpacking and putting away the suitcase, cleaning the house, washing the clothes and unfortunately my mother-in-law caught cold and was unable to even lift a finger! But her appreciation and gratefulness refreshes me!

woman doing household

Wednesday house cleaning, cooking, taking care of her, my class, sitting with the guests, dinner. Day ends.


Thursday, i.e. today I had a work to attend to in the morning at my institution so I went there. At about 12:30 back to home, cooking, surface cleaning of kitchen only. (got lazy today) then straight to bed for a nap. Had tea, made potato cutlets for snacks. Had dinner and opened my laptop just minutes before so I can reply to everyone who has mailed me and has been waiting for an answer, responded to client’s requests and am now writing this post. And yes I checked my social media sites before anything else! After all I deserved some virtual social time after 5 days.

Whoa! what busy days? How had been your days going? Ever felt that your working speed is just not enough and wished for it to be a little faster? How do you deal with work pressure?


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