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Part Of Me That Disappeared

It has been four days but I am unable to control my feelings. I feel like some part of me has just disappeared. Just gone somewhere. I had no idea before that it had so much value in my heart. I never knew I will feel incomplete without it.

The “it” being my first blog ever! Uhhh… Yes. Literally!

I started “Guardian & Mentor” with the tagline “Towards A Better View” with so much passion about helping people. I was doubtful at the same time regarding my ability to write and whether or not this will help people. Then I decided to quit thinking and start it because no one can ever find me if I don’t exist for them, if I don’t create something meaningful for them and the journey began.

I was unable to give much time to the blog but still I would get readers and followers. Although they weren’t much but they were there. After some time I realized that I most of my postings there had a serious tinge and flavour in them so I started another blog Daily Uphaul Of My Life where I planned to post my daily musings, my day stories, my ideas, what I discovered and what I learned in a much general way.

But unfortunately I was unable to keep up with two blogs and usually the old one suffered because it’s readership has declined over time due to unavailability of new content.

I exported my favourite posts from that blog here on DUOML (Daily Uphaul Of My Life) and deleted that. I made a video of the deletion process too! But I am unable to upload it here due to format difference. But I am really feeling nostalgic and very bad about deleting it. But it may prove to be good that I deleted that and focused my energies here trying to help and motivate people via one source. Only time can tell.

Have you ever deleted your first blog? How was the feeling? How had you overcome any sadness that you felt? Or wasn’t there any sadness? I am willing to know.


6 thoughts on “Part Of Me That Disappeared

  1. Hi there, glad to hear you are focusing your energy here. I ever deleted my blogs too, many times and some of the contents got deleted as well because of different blog platforms. Currently mine is also a “hybrid” of my old blog but I put it on private as I need to filter out which is more appropriate. Good luck and continue to post.


  2. No, but I co-founded my first online website with a forum buddy. We had a falling out over money and over who owed which parts of the site when we decided to dismantle it. I lost a lot of content. I didn’t just lose the whole blog on there which I have now attempted to recreate, I lost all but one article I had written. This one in 2010. I still grief occasionally over that lost material and the hours and hours of time and research that wet into it. I was proud of it. And I miss her despite the way things went down so I totally understand!


      1. Well, it’s been a few years, but whomever said “Time heals all wounds,” probably didn’t have very deep wounds. Our articles are the art we create. It’s like someone else losing all their paintings in a fire. At least, that’s what I compare it to.


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