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Being Together But Still Alone

Hmm.. You’re married. Or maybe not. You have a family. You have siblings. You have parents. But don’t you feel alone at times? Even with all these lovely people around? You feel tired even when you’re well rested? Your vacations don’t seem like vacations anymore? Your mind is surrounded by barriers, struck in invisible chains. Why ? Have you ever thought? Do you feel like it? At times, I do feel like it and I have pondered over the reason. And you know what? I have found the answer.

Together But Alone

The global village has made us so near and dear to people far far away but it has taken us apart from the person sitting right next to us waiting for our attention.

Haven’t you encountered times when you are burning with excitement to share something in person with your better half and the whole day passes, your excitement dies but your better half remains busy with his tech gadgets playing candy crush, replying to work mails, socialising on facebook, etc?

Have you ever encountered a time when you are discussing or sharing your day story with your family and after some awkward time you look up and find everyone busy with their smart phones, i-pads, tablets, etc?

Have you ever taken time to really share something in person with those around you or all your sharing caring is done via social media?

together but alone

Have you ever prepared a delicious meal and just got to know how tasty it was through social media statuses?

How long has it been that you have eaten an ice-cream and not updated your status?

How long it has been when you complemented someone in person instead of via comments and likes?

How long has it been that your family had some real conversation in a relaxing environment at dinner? And that too without TV, stereo or phones ringing and blaring?

family at dinner

When was the last time you had a real conversation with your friends? And that too without involving technology?

When was the last time you spent quality time with your spouse or your kids without worrying about the like, comments, re-tweets and statuses?

When was the last time you really played hard as a family? And I am talking about real plays that you play outside and that doesn’t involve your phones and tablets.

When was the last time you announced a good news with a group without social media at your rescue?

When was the last time your friends and you shared laughs and gossips without phones in hand?


Isn’t it time to revive our lives and LIVE with people who are HERE. Who are PRESENT?

Isn’t it time to switch off our smart phones that are actually making us dumb? For some time at least?

Isn’t it time to hug our kids, spouse, parents instead of sending them a hugging emoticon?

When will we learn the value of people around us?

When will we really receive and hear a genuine giggle again?

Isn’t it time to shut off to LIVE LIFE with our LOVED ones?

Isn’t it time we start remembering how we live and how we need to live?


4 thoughts on “Being Together But Still Alone

  1. I found this post really interesting mostly because I am conflicted in my opinion. On the one hand I love social media and technology and the freedom it has given us to learn more and connect with different people from all over the world. But on the other hand I know how frustrating it can be when technology takes over. I hate it when I’m talking to a friend and they sit on their phone and keep asking me to repeat myself.

    I guess it’s about finding the balance. Enjoy technology and use it for the many great things it has to offer but don’t let it dominate every situation. It has a time and a place and it’s important to enjoy the time you have with people.

    Good luck with the blogging 101 challenge!


    1. Yeah..! That’s it. We don’t have to take technology (or anything else for that matter) dominate it. At times I wish for the technology free era where people connected with people in a real manner instead of their phones.
      Thank you šŸ™‚ and good luck to you too !!

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  2. I’m SO loving this post. I am a newlywed and also an entrepreneur (will working a full time job and being a mom. Whew!) and it can feel as if i’m going through the motions sometimes. Work, home, cook, etc. But i’m learning to put down the cell phone and just sit with my family and listen and engage them. We have to learn how to shut it off. I’m tweeting this!


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