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January Missions

For 2016 I decided to break down my goals for each month and evaluate my progress each month on the goals I sat for that month. In that way I can easily go back, change the path I take to complete the goal and my progress will be evaluated hands on instead of at the end of the whole year for different goals.

I named it the Monthly Goal Challenge and it’s the first time I am experiencing month based goals. Hope it works out good for me.

January Mission

So my January Missions go below

Less Stress!!!

Stress has played havoc with my physical and mental well-being in the last year. It’s my prior goal to take less stress, keep calm and just ignore what I can and be patient for what I can’t ignore and can’t control (gulp it’s hard!).

My mission will be to catch myself whenever I dive into the negative thinking spiral and think of and speak aloud three positive things for each negative thought. This does the trick for me always. I just have to remember to do it every time from now on.

Pamper Myself Each Week

At the end of each week as I prepare for the next week I will be preparing my mind and body too to endure the next week by pampering myself. It could be at home spa treatment, painting my toenails, reading a book, moisturizing, … the list is endless. Tune back to see a brand new pampering task that I had done or I plan of doing for myself each week.

Complete My Studying For The Course

For the past month (or two to be honest) I am trying to put my course teaching PHP online. For that I had to group the topics and prepare the course in an easy to understand format so that anyone, even a newbie at programming, can understand it. But I had been postponing and procrastinating on the homework that I need to do for the course to materialize. I promise you all to complete my preparation (the slides for presentation included) for the PHP course this month so that I can start the recording by next month.


What are your resolutions? Are you going for the yearly or monthly resolutions? Or have you already forgotten about them?


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