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Why I Blog?

I entered the blog-o-sphere about two years ago. I created two blogs, namely Guardian & Mentor and Daily Uphaul Of My Life. With the blogs created I still was unable to get any traffic to any of them. A single “like” and comment would bring utmost happiness to me. As time progressed, due to my insufficient attention to any one of these, both of them suffered stagnant death.

why I Blog

With 2016 emergence I decided to treat my blogs as a priority. But this decision has involved a long thought pattern that has the main question Why do I blog? What will happen if I quit blogging? Is it in my better interest to quit blogging and develop my career as freelance web developer only? Why can’t I quit blogging when I don’t blog often even? These and many others were very hard and difficult to answer questions for me but they gave me a direction and the reason why I won’t quit blogging despite no traffic.


Why I Created Guardian & Mentor And What Followed

I created the blog Guardian & Mentor so that I can help people. Help people question what they are doing and where they are going by thought-provoking and some serious posts. I used that blog to introduce calming techniques too like the post Coloring is FUN that introduces the benefits of coloring for adults too. I discussed topics related to finding happiness and managing time with tips, tricks and striking thought patterns invloved.

As a result of pressure of studies and various other day-to-day activities my posting to the blog stopped, started, paused, stopped and the cycle continued till it had a major stop. Since the posts were not being there for the beloved readers in a timely manner the stats dropped and whenever I do log in to post the 0 visitors discouraged me so much that either the ideas would stop realizing or I just can’t bring myself to share my thoughts and ideas there. The discouraged behavior led to nearly no posts for months on end.

Why I Created Daily Uphaul Of My Life And What Happened

Daily Uphaul Of My Life was created as a more general and friendly blog where serious and not-so-serious issues were to be blogged about so that a barrier is created between my general daily life and the more serious thoughts that I have on general and serious topics on my other blog.  The blog grew much more in readership than the first blog I had created. I was happy and forgot about my first blog. Then again life took serious turns and instead of blogging and sharing them with others and seeking advice from all the supporting people here I coiled and coiled deeper inside my cocoon and denied to sprout my wings and fly as a beautiful butterfly. Result: This suffered insomniac death.

The various categories including my day stories( which was created to be published daily ) , housework, time management and the recipes and various others were abandoned. Each month or after two or three months I would log in, write a post, resolve to be more frequent and then lose myself again in the stressful spiral of life that ultimately led me to depression. And then again there will be a long long pause.

Why I Don’t Quit Blogging

I didn’t quit blogging nor I want to do so because it’s a medium through which I can share my opinion with the world in a very effective, friendly and open manner. I can get denied, have other opinions and ideas about some topic shared with me that helps me learn more and more each day.

This is a medium that allows me to help people without knowing them and having a satisfaction that someone somewhere has benefited from my experience and tips. The satisfaction that comes when people mail you about the good that has come in their life by implementing the tips I have shared or how something stroked with them and allowed them to view their problem in a different manner, this satisfaction is immeasurable.

This is a medium that allows me to measure my growth throughout the years. My writings show me how mature, immature I have been. It’s a reflection of my past, an indicator of my future and a guide for my present.

And it’s not easy to quit it.

This is why I don’t quit blogging. And I resolve to treat my blogs as a priority. And a major decision in doing so is that I will shortly be merging my previous blog with this one and have it all in one place.

Do you blog? Why? Comment and share with me please.



12 thoughts on “Why I Blog?

    1. I really appreciate your decision to continue to express yourself. People-pleasing is never easy nor it is worth to suppress ourselves to please people. Thumbs up to you. May you find people who agree with you.

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  1. I honestly love your dedication. I haven’t been blogging for long but I know what it’s like when there’s no one reading your blog. Blogging 101 came to my rescue. I’m sure it’ll help you too. Keep up the good work. 🙂


  2. Blogging is like rubbernecking. You see something and perhaps you shouldn’t be looking at it to the point of starring. However, something about what your looking at begs you to keep looking nonetheless.


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