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My Progress On 2015 Resolutions

Like most of the people I, too, had made certain resolutions for 2015. It just seems like yesterday. The  year has passed so soon…!!

Now’s the time to review them, evaluate my progress and focus my energies on new goals and wish for a better year.

Progress Title

My number 1 resolution was to read 12 books over the course of the year. Since there are 12 months in a year so a book each month was my target. Besides the numerous magazines, course books, I have read more than 12 books and heard numerous audio books as well but I forgot to keep a reference of them all in my binder due to one or more circumstances that surrounded me throughout the year. Next time I’ll be more vigilant about it.

So this one has been checked off. Accomplished!!!

My number 2 resolution was to take less stress. I terribly failed at this. I was awful this year to relieve and reduce stress. Due to the illness and medication it has been more than ever harder for me to calm myself and I did feel getting very close to depression even. But I escaped that dark tunnel. That’s wayyyy good.

My number 3 resolution was to post regularly on my two blogs Guardian & Mentor and Daily Uphaul Of My Life. I scored a 3 out of 10 in this. I posted more frequently than before but not regularly and have totally neglected my other blog. So it’s a half accomplished goal.

My number 4 resolution was to better manage my time. I managed my time more proactively this year and had been very good at completing my projects and tasks without last-minute chaos. But this had been limited to those tasks that were in my hand to control. The other uncontrollable circumstances or tasks that were there due to joint family had sometimes been squeezed in between my daily tasks or had caused my plans to change to allow for them.

My last resolution was to exercise regularly. I will give myself a score of 50% on this since I had exercised when I was allowed to do so by my doctor and have quit it when I was on rest or was not allowed to include any workout or walk in my schedule due to medical condition. So this year with ons and offs  with exercise, I have tried many new ones and have found some effective while others were not so good for me.  I recently have started a new cardio and I hope it’ll give me good results.

My 2016 goals will be written and planned soon. And you’ll be updated about them. Right now I am enjoying the fireworks welcoming new year and writing this post for you.

What are your goals for 2016? Comment and give me some ideas please.



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