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Yes, I Have Learned

Learning is super powerful. It makes one more knowledgeable and helps one improve one’s life and self. Learning might be due to your passion or for a variety of reasons but sometimes we are forced to learn and practice that learning even though our inner self is screaming for us to unlearn the practices and just show what is going on inside of us.

Yes, I have learned

Yes .. I , too have learned many such things

I have learned to:

  • Suppress my feelings
  • To smile when I am blindle crying inside
  • To laugh when I am being taunted for doing things my way
  • To stay quiet and fight back the tears when someone taunts me about my passions
  • To just nod and laugh when I am made fun of
  • When my desires , wishes and dreams are joked about
  • When I don’t get support of any kind to live a fulfilling life , the life I want for myself
  • When I expect some compliments from loved ones and they have no time to just look or appreciate anything
  • When I want to talk and am forced to fight back tears and stay quiet as people are busy with their phones and ipads
  • When they don’t have time for me but have time to waste as they wish for
  • When my desires are asked to be suppressed due to financial burdens while there’s money to be spent on things they and their immediate family loves
  • To stay happy in front of everyone when deep down I want to slap each and every person for the chaos in my life



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