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Habits Of Unsuccessful People That You Must Avoid

All of us want to succeed in life. We are always on a look out for the habits and decisions that will make us more successful in our career or life in general. But we must also be aware of the habits that keep us from being truly successful. We must strive to avoid the habits that become a hindrance to the success that can be all ours only and if only these habits are not ours.


Although it’s hard to avoid bad habits and to completely quit them but it is not impossible. Here is a list of some habits that make you unsuccessful so avoid these and succeed.

Unsuccessful Habits

  • Talking About People


Talking about people is bad especially when intended for degrading or defaming someone. Gossiping does no good to anyone. It spreads rumors and destroy your personality and peace of mind. What someone wears, where they shop, what they eat, how much they earn is not of concern to you. So stop being curious about it and talking about it. Focus on yourself and make improvements in your life.

  • Complaining & Criticizing


Complaining about the weather for your bad hair, the government for your lack of funds, people for not being concerned about you shows how immature you are. These complains only show that you have no control over your life and you don’t want to grow up. You complain like kids and criticize others and have no power over changing your situation and acting like a grownup.

  • Holding Grudges


Holding grudges only harms you. If you have heard something bad someone said about you, instead of holding to grudges get it clarified with them. Instead of repeating what someone has done to you that has affected you in a bad way, forgive and forget to live peacefully and successfully. You know successful people don’t just have enough time to hold grudges!

  • Watching TV Everyday

watching tv

Watching TV for a little time for relaxation and that too productively  is NOT bad. But being a couch potato all day in front of the dumb box munching goodies makes you dumb! Research has proven so.

  • Blaming Others For Their Failures


Everyone fails at a point. It’s not shameful to fail. But it is extremely shameful to not learn anything from your failures and moan over and over them. Or holding other people responsible for your failure. It’s totally ridiculous. You must be grown up enough and mature enough, if you want to succeed to know what was lacking in you to cause the particular failure instead of blaming other people, resources or any other thing.

What are some bad habits that are keeping you away from success? Do you have any other in mind? Feel free to share by commenting below.


5 thoughts on “Habits Of Unsuccessful People That You Must Avoid

  1. We’re all doomed…….. just kidding.

    Although, I do wonder if you would consider “sitting in front of a computer monitor all the time” the same as “watching TV everyday.”

    Well said and spot on.


    1. Hahahhaha… Yes.. Just sitting without real-meaning work is considered the same as watching TV everyday. And endless work too comes in the same category; I must mention. 😉


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