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Three Ways People Go To Bed

Yesterday I did a post on Three Ways To Wake Up ,which triggered an idea about the way people usually end their day. The ways that are followed by many around the globe to sleep.


The slumber land of sleep is where we reach our dreams, we rests our bodies and minds and get ready to face the world when we wake up.

Slowly & Gradually To The Bed

The people following this way start preparing their body, mind and environment in honor of their bedtime. They do a hurried clean up, set the house for the next day, make lunches and preparations for the next day well before the final hour. They wind down by reading a book or with any other relaxing activity. These people usually wake up fresher than their counterparts and are better in health & wealth.

Final Hour Shouting Match

The hour before bedtime sets a tensed environment for these people. They usually are very cranky by this time but unable to rest as they have a lot left to do or they are worried about the next day as they have not prepared for the day in advance. They usually fight and have shouting matches at their place before they go to sleep and this leaves them unable to sleep due to their boiling energy. They toss and turn most of the night and again wake up crankier than they meant to be.

It’s (past) bedtime already!!??

These people usually engage themselves in pleasure activities while all others have gone to bed or they stretch themselves beyond their energies to just get this or that done before bed, and usually find that half the night has been passed while they were busy. They deprive their bodies and minds of the much needed rest and then are not able to perform as well as they can the next day due to their deprived-state of body & mind. This leads them to gradually crash of their systems which is not at all healthy and happy. So please get away from this pattern.


There are many other ways which people might follow unconsciously for the bedtime. Do you have any in mind? What’s your way? Comment and share!


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