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Three Ways People Wake Up

Waking up from the depths of slumber sleep is an act that we all do. There are so many things in life that we have to achieve and to accomplish that we can’t waste our life sleeping. Although it could be a hobby even !!! (ask those who wander into dream world a lot! and that too when they are all healthy and active 😉 ).

Wake Up

My random observations on how people wake up are categorised into three ways that are as follows:

Fresh And Full

There are people who love the early morning hours and wake up after a fully rested sleeping time. They literally jump out of the bed and jump around (workout anyone?). They are zealous to ace the day and are usually very productive throughout the day. They are the ones who give time to their hobbies, goals, to their mind, body and soul to refresh each day.

Lazy And Snoozy

These are the ones who love the snooze option available. They love to set 4-5 alarms with a difference of 5 or 15 minutes and snooze them all till the last minute they can. The importance of “two more minutes of sleep” can be easily felt by them. Laugh out loud if you can relate. It’s so me at times.

Dready And Groggy

These are the people who hate hate mornings. They can’t understand why everything has to begin with the sun like school, work and many other tasks. They are found in a very bad mood in the mornings and it’s better to avoid them during the early hours or you’ll regret it till the wee hours of the night 😉 Such people always get up on the wrong side of the bed and find minute mistakes seem like a very drastic thing. Although jolly and good by nature, the mornings are just not for them. Being around them in the morning is like walking on eggshells!

In which way do you wake up? Is there any other way you can think of? Comment and let me know!


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