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Thing I Miss From My Childhood

I spent my whole childhood wishing I were older and now I’m spending my adulthood wishing I were younger.

Ricky Schroder

Gone are the care-free days of childhood. When the toughest task was to catch the butterfly, when the ultimate happiness lies in a glimpse of rainbow, when a chocolate/ ice-cream was the solution to all troubles. When a cut on knee brought tears to eyes.

Image of children

Now, we have grown up. We get heart broken due to attitudes and get hurt by people and are forced to drink up our tears and put a smile to our faces. Earning, finance, education, relationships are what takes up most of our time. Where feelings are hurt. There are many things that I miss from my childhood, besides some serious things. These might bring a smile to your face if you can relate. Ready to fell a bit nostalgic.

VCR Cassettes

Image of VCR Cassette

I remember watching countless cartoons and dramas recorded on these tapes. I remember the time when we carefully timed our VCR to record a show while we go on a outing, so later we can watch it fast-forwarding the commercials. Then once the cassette is over rewinding it so next time we can view from the start. The ultimate horror was the film stucking and then our effort to roll it back with a finger or pencil.

Radio Tapes

Image of Radio

Gone are the days of record and radios. MP3s and now cellphones have made them extinct. The radio in the living room (or a personal portable one if you were lucky) was the entertainment center. You could either tune in to your favourite channels or insert a cassette of your favourite albums to listen to while working or home-keeping or just for entertainment.

Floppy Disks

Image of floppy disks

The giants, as compared to the portable USBs of huge amount of space, that were used to copy and transport data.


Image of camera

Yes, cameras really were like this at a time. With no facility of text messages, geo-tagging and uploading photos to social media instantly to share with f-n-f”s.

Film Canisters

Image of fil canisters

They were used to store a film of images and once the reel finishes, the photos were given to be professionally developed so you can have them on cards and save them in giant photo albums manually. Tiresome?! 😉

There are many such things from brands of biscuits to dresses. These were the some that came to my mind while working on my laptop(what happened to the ONE PC that was kept in a study area with so many peripherals?) and saving a file. That “save” button got me thinking about using PC some short years before. And that save button has a floppy disk icon. Go check your MS Word. 🙂

Can you think of some others? Comment them.


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