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A Mother’s Birthday

Birthday is awaited by everyone the whole year around. The day gives a special feeling to a person. Whether you review the past year of your life, measure and update your goals or just celebrate it with family and friends or just spend some time alone with yourself.


But how a mother’s birthday is celebrated when her children are busy in their papers and all?

Here’s a typical “birthday celebration” on a mother’s birthday that I observed.

At twelve at night, while she’s fast asleep as she has a load of jobs and duties the next day, to make life easier for her family, her cellphone starts buzzing.

With multiple notifications and sms alerts, her friends and family wished her the big day.

When she woke up is the morning, awaiting a verbal wish from her immediate family, all she hears is:

“Mom! Is my breakfast ready?”

“Have you seen my notes, I just put them besides the bag here.”

And like regular days, she serves her family  breakfast, helps them get ready for their day.

But today is a little different, her children say “Happy Birthday Mom” while leaving the home fr the day.

And she appreciates this “wish” in her heart the most and smiled…

And then, she gets busy with her day getting meals cooked, cleaning house, preparing for the upcoming events and all the jobs and regular work around the house. Children come back from school, had their meals and spend the day preparing for their exams while the “birthday lady” helps them with their homework and extra curricular activities.

But oh, the day doesn’t need to be so regular. Her children cook dinner for the family, they presented her with gifts, they have desserts together and enjoy the family time.

At the end of the day the family is so tired and the lady ends up clearing everything including the mess the children created while doing the dinner preparations.

And the lady celebrated her birthday with a smile in her heart and mind but wishing the day to be a little different. She misses the cards and care and some pampering that she so genuinely deserved, at least for a day.




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