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Moving Guide

Home is a sweet place. After the day’s hard work, everyone wants to rush back to home and relax. We have a family at home, we have the possessions that we love and care for. There are memories hidden in our homes. We all love our homes and continually strive to make them more comfy and better for us.


But there may come a time when you have to leave your abode and make a new place your home. It’s hard. Besides the feelings, the whole packing up and unpacking up is hard. Plus you have to take care of all utilities being cancelled, addresses at banks/ credit card companies/ insurance companies, post offices, etc to e changed. There is an added stress of handling kids and pets (if you have them).

To make the shifting process easier, here’s a guide of what I have been using currently to shift our family.


  • Packing Mania

P.S. More links will be added as posts related to moving guide are added.



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