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Removing Junk

Junk gets accumulated. We all agree with it.

We only realize the accumulation of junk when it becomes a hindrance in our daily activities.

Whether it is the junk cluttering up our homes, junk files using valuable space on our PCs’ or junk food making us sluggish, unhealthy and obese.

Junk makes us uncomfortable!
Junk makes us uncomfortable!

And we need to be consistent in our efforts to keep the junk at bay. It just accumulates in the blink of an eye. You divert your attention a little and all you realize is the re-accumulation of junk in your life.

The junked home and body are very much related. You can only have peace of mind and body and enjoy life when you feel happy , healthy in a clean environment. For that we need to get rid of the junk in our bodies and our homes.

Let’s start with yourself. Incorporate small changes that goes unnoticed in the beginning and continue with consistency and persistence to remove the junk.


Start by “deleting” unnecessarily consumed foods, like cans of sodas, sugary snacks, salted chips, etc. But make sure you do it in small levels. Reduce one can, one pack, one drink, etc. Do not start big or your system will crash!

Then after a week or two when this becomes second nature to you, reduce more. Then practice it.

Then remove fried items from your daily consumption.

Then add veggies and fruits as your primary snacks. Your system will soon be de-junked!


Make your house a home. You need clean and clear environment to stay focused and healthy. Relaxation is a much needed system refreshing activity and you must have a clean house to refresh your mind and body.


Start with one area of your home. Pick up a room and start in a small corner of that room. Do not start by cleaning and buying products for organizing the accumulated junk. Start by decluttering. Remove everything that does not make you happy or that brings bad memories to your mind. For everything that you have saved up for recycling, repairing, or things that you have forgotten you have or those worn out sheets and clothes, waiting to be re-used .. just DELETE. You’ll have plenty of time and things for recreation once your environment is cleared.

Start small and your whole system, inside and out, will be de-junked!


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