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Looking Back To My Passions

With various responsibilities and studies consuming most of my day I usually find it hard to survive at times. At the end of the day I look back, sigh and shift my leftover to-do’s to my to-do list for the next day. Amongst such business when I found my sewing journal at my mother’s place I was overwhelmed with mixed emotions. My love, my passion, my hobbies that refreshed and reinvented me, that make me grow and feel satisfied, that allowed my creative spark to ignite, that have made me proud(kind of ) at my creations have taken a back seat.

Journey to passions

It had been soooo long since I last gave time to my passions to rebuild myself and relax and ready to face life’s challenges.

Here’s the memory lane of my passions, hope you enjoy.

Books, books and more books. That was my mantra. I lived books!!! literally!! You would not have found me without a book in my hand. I not only read books and enjoyed them I started writing too. And my writings were much more mature than that of kids of my own age-group. I read a book and I relaxed myself. I was much more aware of the world and my surroundings(especially the things I cared for), than I am now which is really bad.

My love of books

In my separation time with books I have bought many but read a few and don’t remember a lot of content from the books which was never a problem for me 😦

The other much forgotten passion was that of sewing! I would start a project and won’t left the place except for essentials, till the time I get it completed!!

Love of sewing

The satisfaction and happy feeling that I used to get from every completed project, big or small. is unexplainable! The joy of running a machine and joining pieces to make a thing from bits and pieces of cloth was just amazing. I am looking forward to start this again soon. Just a trip to a market to buy loads and loads of fabric!

And what I miss the most is the solitude time I used to spend. I loved to sit in a silent environment, with nature’s bliss around, for hours and think, daydream, plan and just sit and relax


Those days, those times can never come back but I can manage to live my passions again for myself. And I am willing to add these passions back to my life so that I do something for myself. It will be a gift for me from me! I can feel the bliss and joy that I will feel in my life. Let’s hope and pray that I manage to live my passions once again.

What are your passions? When was the last time you lived your passion? is it an integral part of your life? Do tell me.

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