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The Bliss Of Being Alone

Loneliness is considered a taboo. A bad thing. It means that no one wants to be around you. Or you are not social? Or maybe you lack the etiquette for being with others? Or does it mean that you are so outdated and have nothing to talk about?

But it doesn’t have to be any of this if you are alone (Or you like to be alone). You are all right and perfect. I enjoy the time I can spend alone. The bliss of being alone, all by myself, is just plain exotic feeling that I long for at times.

Time with myself always refreshes me. It helps me to relax. To quieten the jumble of things that my mind is racing through. It helps me to focus and calm down.

Alone I love to watch some tutorials on things I want to learn or the ones I aspire to do.

Alone only I can read book with much needed silence and concentrate on the book and dissolve myself in the evolving of the scenes in an imaginary world.

Alone, I have the time to give myself at-home spa treatments without being disturbed.

Alone I have the time to chatter with friends for hours on end and share everything. Everything. Every feeling. The words that hurt me or the things that made me feel down. The moments that want me to just quit.

Alone I can reflect back on what I wanted and still want and what I have achieved.

Alone I can analyze the situation I am in and how can I improve it for me.

Alone I can pray with my heart pouring out and tears running down my cheeks without having a thought about anyone else, except Allah watching and listening to my fears and aspirations, my needs and my wants.


I am not saying that time with friends and family is not needed or it is something that is a burden in any sense. But at times, some me-time is all that you need and want to refresh yourself and gain back the energy to serve your family and enjoy being with them.

So try to take out at least 5 minutes a day for yourself and increase the amount to a reasonable level.

While showering, clear your mind of all thoughts and tasks and enjoy your shower. Feel the water trickling down your body.

Sneak in some time to savor the shake you made for yourself and managed to save it.

How do you sneak in some me-time for yourself in your day? What do you do during that time? Share with us.


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