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Summer Is Here!!!

With temperatures soaring and the heat perspiring every ounce of water from our bodies , it’s a much wanted need to stay hydrated and enjoy the summers with its blessings (Vacations being one of them).

Here are some tips to stay fit and healthy throughout the summer months:

  • Hydrate Yourself. Drink water. Make it your best friend. Always keep a good quality water bottle with yourself and do drink water from it often. Good quality ensures that cold water stays cold and it doesn’t perspire out.  Drinking water keeps your body fluids in controlled proportions and helps your brain and body working perfectly.
  • Keep your head covered with a scarf, hat or cap. This will keep your hair from being damaged and help you avoid headaches due to heat.
  • Use a sun screen. To avoid getting over tanned and safely avoiding all those harmful UV rays!
  • Bathe or shower daily. To remove all the dirt and oil from your body and opening the clogged pores. This will help you to avoid those dreaded breakouts!
  • Use a moisturizer. Even if it is so oily during summer months your body needs the moisture that you lose due to perspiration.
  • Always eat fresh and light. Avoid stale and heavy, greasy food. Try to have homemade meals that are fresh and are prepared from ingredients you carefully bought, washed and chopped.

What are your tips to help you stay fit and healthy during summer months? Feel free to comment.


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