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Personal Binder

Hello wonderful people out there! Hope you’re having a good time and feeling peace by having all the essentials at one place.

Aren’t you?

Routines Page - Personal Binder
Routines Page – Personal Binder

Then I have a solution for you! You can have all your routines, to-do lists, cleaning lists, weekly and monthly tasks, your grocery and inventory list, your contacts and all the info that is just spread all over your home at one place and that is your “Personal Binder”.

I have my personal binder developed. (although not perfectly good but good enough to make me efficient). I have certain changes in my routines and tasks that I wanted to make when an idea struck me.

Why not help you all develop one persona binder for yourself while I am modifying mine.

I’ll be providing you with the template pages so you can just print them out and fill them in with your tasks and information.

Since we have a tendency to crash and burn while trying to do it all at once and I don’t want this to happen to you. We will gradually move and compile our personal binders and implement gradual changes to avoid getting exhausted by the end.

For the beginning I want you to gather all the tid bits of paper that have contacts, any other information etc at one place. You can buy sheet protectors and a box file or any other file to get started.

From next week on we’ll be doing one step each week to make our personal binders. I want you all to be in.

Get excited for next post in the series. 🙂


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