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Ultimate Place To Find Happiness

Happiness… Smile… Happy… The words have a very comforting place and sound. As you read or hear them, you feel a comforting sense overtaking your whole mind and body. Your spirit enlightens with a laughing sound of a child, the laughter of children playing, the old ladies enjoying an evening out.

Everyone wants to be happy. Happiness gives a relief to the stressed and tensed feeling that is now an integral part of modern day life. We all strive for happiness, to rid ourselves of stress and feel light like a feather.

But where does on earth does the happiness live? What is the ultimate source of happiness. How can we find it?

When we search around we get a lot of answers to this and we get confused. We try to apply as many as are possible for us but still feel some deficiency, some lack and anything but happiness.

Why is this so? We worry ourselves to death.

This is because we focus on secondary sources of happiness and not on the ultimate source.

And the ultimate source of happiness is you. Yes! You , yourself are the ultimate source of happiness. You have to feel content with yourself to find happiness. To make your inner self happy , you have to listen to it. And happiness spreads from within yourself to your environment. Then you can multiply your happiness by spreading it, by focusing on secondary sources of happiness.

So focus on listening to your inner self. Be content with what you have. Find meaning and purpose in your life. Be the humble one but be the courageous one. You’ll sprout happiness in your self. Try once and you;ll have no doubts remaining. I am sure because I am happy. šŸ™‚


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