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Resolutions, Habits Or Goals?

At this time of the year most of the people start planning for a new beginning as the new year rolls around. But many people find  themselves confused, whether it is right to plan for resolutions, goals or habits. It’s a new phenomenon. New schools of thought have emerged in which some are for or against one particular word.

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But for a common person like me, these descriptions proved to be quite confusing. And my sidetracked nature will lose myself in going for the perfect thing and to know the right thing I must know whether the resolution is good or habit or is it goals?

I searched the definitions and I would like to share my observations. Here they go:

New Year Resolution  is a tradition, in which a person makes a promise to do an act of self-improvement or any other good deed.

A habit is a routine behavior that occurs unconsciously once developed well.

A goal is a desired result which is envisioned, planned and committed to be act upon. Goals with a definite time-limit for achievement are finite goals (i.e. they have deadlines) while the ones without deadlines are infinite goals.

As per the definitions all three are somewhat similar.

You first envision the result which is the same as goal setting or the end-result which you have in mind of your resolution.

You work upon it until it becomes a habit that is you do it unconsciously in a routine manner.

So instead of being confused and staying stuck in the thought pattern as what is right to set and work upon. Make a resolution or plan a goal that is anything you want to achieve, stay motivated and committed to it until and unless it becomes a habit that is it is engraved in you so much that it become a routine task for you. This is when you have finally achieved your goal or resolution.

Get up, plan and start enjoying your journey of achieving your resolution/ goal till it becomes a habit.

Did you ever get confused among these? What did you do> What were your resolutions/ goals? How are you doing? Be sure to comment and share with me.


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