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Two Busy Days And More Upcoming

We all are busy. Busy in our little worlds. We forget to pause and enjoy our lives. We just work, work, keep busy, accomplish, get happy and get busy again. We forget to pause, take time out for smelling the roses, feeling the cool, crisp air blowing through our hair and in a busy state go to sleep when its our bedtime (or when we find time to sleep). As a result, we wake up not being relaxed and feeling fresh. And our energy level drops as soon as we pick up ourselves.


Picture by  Joe Shlabotnik  from
Picture by Joe Shlabotnik from

I have been very busy since past two days and January is going to be quite busy as per my schedule. Now it’s up to me to either get overwhelmed and exhausted or feel the tension, relax, work, relax and succeed. I would like to go with the later option.

On Monday we did a detailed cleaning of our home. From top to bottom, each room including bathrooms, veranda, roof-top. Everything imaginable!! The day was quite exhausting and we had  another big pile of laundry as a result of cleaning plus the regular clothing’s.

We enjoyed the cleaning process, cracking jokes, talking and saying prayers so that time is written as the time spent in Ibadah. Although by the end I was feeling a bit tired but after relaxing for fifteen minutes I was good again. Because I didn’t get overwhelmed by all the cleaning . I took it one step at a time, one corner, one table top, one job and completed it while having good thoughts filling my mind. As a result I was not exhausted and was in top condition to attend my class (I am a student and my class was by 3pm).

Yesterday, Tuesday, we tackled the laundry piles and was done in 2 hours. Large amount of time was taken because there were extra clothes from the detailed cleaning the day before and our dryer is not working so it takes a lot of time to dry clothes and wrinkle the water enough so they don’t flood the area where I hang-dry the clothes.

Tackling mountain of laundary
Photo by Maegan Tintari from

Yesterday, too I didn’t get exhausted. I was able to study for my paper tomorrow and now as a relaxation to myself, after two days of working from wake-up to bedtime, I rewarded myself with a blogpost to share my day story with you. And these were the extra tasks that I did besides the regular home care chores including cooking, serving, attending classes and preparing for my papers.

What I learned is that if I do the tasks by staying relax and keep myself calm I can get the job done, won’t feel extra tired but feel good at the accomplishment and after a bit of relaxation will be able to tackle the routine tasks with normal efficiency and focus. The key being staying calm and not getting overwhelmed. So when you’re bombarded by the tasks filling your day, focus on one and get it done without panicking and getting overwhelmed.

Let us fill the lives of our loved ones with peace and calm, feeling the peace ourselves first. Happy Working!

P.S. I have my papers through out the month of January, please pray for my success. 🙂


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