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Resolutions, Anyone?

Its 1st January of a new year. It seems just like yesterday when we were making resolutions for 2014 to have a great new year and now its first day of 2015!! Time flies so fast, no matter whether we are having fun or not.

Instead of grieving over the lost time, let’s try to enjoy the new year with new zeal and new passions. Welcome the clean beginning, learn from your mistakes and start the year striving for your goals and enjoying the process of achieving success.

New Year
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Like many people I too have listed a number of resolutions for myself, which I would like to achieve in this year to have a better me at the end of the year. I have also planned my way to achieve the goals so that I don’t stay stuck in the planning mode or in the maze having no idea where I am going.

Read 12 books through out the year. After my marriage my reading was greatly reduced. With efforts to adjust to new environment, managing responsibilities, studies and lots of other activities I was unable to read as much as I would love to read. So this year, besides the responsibilities I would try my best to read one book per month, totaling to 12 books a year because I love reading. It’s a great source of pleasure and relaxation for me and I need to be relaxed myself to provide comfort to others. Don’t I?

Love of books
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Take less stress. Since times I remember I have always taken a lot of stress during exams. And I as a result I always wreak havoc to my health. I have been trying to implement stress-relieving techniques and trying to calm myself as soon as I realize the panic rising thoughts about studies and time and change them with positive thoughts.

Relaxing and releiving stress
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Post regularly on my blogs. I have started two blogs Guardian & Mentor and Daily Uphaul Of My Life to share my daily life findings, thoughts, tips and tricks that I have collected over the years and that help me in achieving tasks. I was unable to regularly update my dear readers and followers. This year I will really try to post regularly on my blogs and stay connected to you all. I don’t promise the frequency of posts but I promise about the regular postings, at least 4 posts per month.

Better manage my time. This one has lately become my weak point and its really saddening since it once used to be my strongest point. I guess its just due to new surroundings and new beginnings and it will take time. I have started applying all the rules that I suggest for beginners since I am at the beginning level. And I hope I’ll rapidly climb the ladder of time-management and be at the top like before.

A clock with time ticking
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Exercise regularly. Okay, like many ladies I have put myself on the back burner while caring for my family. I now resolve to spend at least 3 days a week to stay fit. I plan to walk or jog or do light exercises and stay healthy and in shape. I’ll go in fresh air regardless of the cold. I have to be strict with myself with this resolution.

There are numerous others but I’ll focus mainly on these habits one at at time to have the satisfaction of achieving these instead of trying to juggle many and failing at all.

What are your goals for the year 2015? I will really love to hear about your goals.


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