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Today’s Multitasking (Or Forgetting) Upheaval

Psychologists and people all over the world discuss the benefits of multitasking and ten go against it. You’ll find various studies on web in favor of and against multitasking. As far as my opinion is concerned I apply multitasking at some tasks while leave it like an alien at other times. To me, the studies don’t matter much as multitasking in some tasks benefits me and I use it in those while for others I would like to enjoy doing them single.

Multitasking Woman
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But today I applied multitasking and sidetractedness to a lot of things and as a result I was exhausted by noon!

I started my day with no such tasks at hand. While tidying up after breakfast, I planned to detail-dust my bedroom. I was in the middle of dusting when multitasking reared its ugly head and I was swallowed by the multitasking whirlpool. I thought of checking whether the clients replied or not, so I opened my inbox for just two minutes. When I got up from the laptop, half hour was gone. GULP!

Anyways I resumed while texting my hubby when I heard his cell-phone’s text tone in the lounge… He came home on his way back from some place. So, we spent about half hour talking and teasing.

Now getting serious about housework, I started the laundry. I was filling water in the machine when my hubby asked for coffee. I kept the milk on heating and forgot about the washing machine. When I remembered I rushed back to the machine. The machine was on the verge of overflowing!!! I quickly turned off the tap, drained some water, added detergent, then started adding the clothes when…. Whooshh.. !! I forgot the milk on stove!!!!

I rushed back into the kitchen and stopped the milk from overflowing from the pan. Made coffee and served my hubby. I sat in the front of laptop and started my work (I was building a WordPress site for a client), thinking of taking a break when the wash-cycle is over. After about 15 minutes I realized that I had actually didn’t start the wash cycle!!!!

Think of my frustration! I started the laundry while coming in for work and going out for laundry. I actually did got the work done but was exhausted by the noon! With all this moving around the garbage truck came and the garbage-bucket was inside, so I had to rush in order to put the bucket outside so they can collect the garbage. Leave alone the story of a trouser who thought of leaking its color and I had to stop the wash cycle to retrieve other clothes so they don’t self-design themselves with their partner’s leaked color.

Will be back again with another story someday. Do you have some similar story? I would love to hear it. Don’t forget to comment your thoughts and stories. Good Day!


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