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How Much Time Do You Actually Work?

You are drowned in enormous amounts of paper, have a lot of things to file, you spent the entire day working and being busy. So much busyness that you hardly had time to stop, take a break or have lunch. But at the end of the day all your busyness proved to be fruitless. You still haven’t accomplished much and you had spent the entire day working(or being busy). How on the earth is this possible?

Drowned in work
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This is possible because we deceive ourselves a lot. We think we are working when most of the time we do not work. We spend our time being busy but not working. And that busyness signals to our brains that we are working and working hard (Being busy is some work as well!).

The question that arises is how can we work all (or most) of the time and don’t get so overwhelmed?

The answer to this question lies in recording each and everything you do (including planning) for every half hour or so. You can also record the timings as you switch from one activity to another.  For example you start researching for a project, note it with the timings. Then you move on to check your social media (for a sec you think) ,DO note the time and BE HONEST if you really want to cure.

At the end of the day you’ll have your culprits noted down. Do this activity for a week and then eliminate your work-time wasters. You’ll note that you ten work less hours in a less frazzled way and get a lot more done.

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