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Complaining Or Getting It Done?

Do you find yourself complaining endlessly when you’ve tasks to accomplish? Do you complain that you don’t have enough time to enjoy things that you love? And do you know that the complains you are making are a form of procrastination and fear?

To-Do List
Image from by koalazymonkey

When you sit back and think about all the complains that you make, you’ll realize that all of them are one or another form of procrastination and fear. You may fear that you’ll fail at the task hence you complain and don’t do it, blaming some factor. You may fear that people will laugh at you. Or you may procrastinate either because you take the task lightly or you are lazy to do.

But this complaining attitude is going to hurt you and you only. You know that you can’t complain and let it go. You find your inner-self telling you repeatedly that it was your fault.

What you can do is sit back, take a deep breath ,relax your muscles and then acknowledge the true reason behind your complaining attitude. Then banish the complain and face the true factor with zeal and confidence. And get it all done. Because you have to do it or you’ll be hurt so it’s better to do it with confidence rather than with fear at the eleventh hour. Best of luck for shedding complaining and getting it done! 🙂


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