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Motivating Self To Get Fit

Okay. So we all love to have that perfect figure. We all secretly envy and google endlessly the secrets of all those models who seem to stay in their 20’s for decades. We long for that perfect figure. But how do we go about achieving it?

Image from by Kullez

We can achieve that perfect figure but with a lot of practice and patience to keep us focused on our goal. We need perseverance in order to be in that timeless 20’s for as long as we want. And there is a way to achieve it… !!! Yes, it is tried and tested.

Instead of spending endless hours reading all the ingredients that are written at the back of packages and then searching what they are, and what happens to you after eating them, DO something about yourself. (Although it’s a good practice to be conscious of ingredients but not the ultimate solution)


Oh! The tiresome exercise? No. Exercise is not tiresome. Now, you may think that I am some marathon-runner and have ample of time up my sleeve and exercising is the fun thing for me. Then you are wrong. I am just a normal student and housewife (so this may give an idea to you how much busy I am 🙂 ) and exercising is not the thing I enjoyed. But that was before I started it myself.

And exercise doesn’t mean the tiring, muscle aching workout. You can dance while you exercise! You can run, play football, volley ball or any sport with your kids, friends or anyone for that matter and have fun while exercising. But you need to be persistent in moving yourself.

You have to do anything that makes you break out sweat. You can set your timer for 2, 5 and then 15 minutes. Start with the smallest possible time so that you can not deny doing it. And once you establish the rhythm you’ll be exercising and having fun and being in tip-top model like figure.

All it takes (besides proper and controlled diet) is some exercising that makes you sweat and breathe. Share with me your workable plan for exercising and where do you add some exercise in your daily/ weekly schedule.


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