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What Three Things Are Your Life?

What are the three most important things that you always, always keep in your bag?  And once you realize that you’ve forgotten even one of ’em you rush back home (or wherever you left them) to get them back. You always have them in your bag and your life depends on them (or so it seems!)

My bag's contents
Photo from by splitbrain


The three most important contents of my bag are:

  1. My smartphone.
  2. My Wallet.
  3. My NIC.

My smartphone has all my privacy and personality and identity locked in it. It is the thing hat I use to call and text friends and family to stay in touch with them, browse the web and check my mails and reply to them. Moreover it works as a reminder/ timer and an alarm for me plus my assistant having my tasks lists and sopping lists. It also has those fun and loving life moments that always cheer me up and make me laugh.

My wallet is another precious commodity for me. It holds some change, some cash and my USB that has my work and study data in it.

In my bag I also keep a small pouch containing my NIC (National Identity Card). I don;t know why I have always kept it in my purse but I do and I feel insecure (kind of) when I leave my NIC-pouch at home and not in my bag.

What are your three important things that are always in your bag and why you have always keep them? Please share with me!


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