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Drink Your Water

You are feeling drowsy lately and you feel like there is something wrong going on with your body. At times, you could even feel pain in your kidneys or might observe abnormal bowel movements. You are worried to death because of this and you don’t know what to do. There might be something serious going on or most probably it’s as simple as lack of water intake. Yes, not drinking enough water can do a lot of harm to you!


glass of water

Now you may question how on earth is this possible. Here’s how it is possible:

  • Water keeps your body fluids at proper level.

Your body comprises 60% of fluids and water keeps them flowing in a perfect manner. Plus keeps those fluids in their normal state.

  • Water hydrates your skin

Water keeps your skin fresh and hydrated which leads to no acne and no wrinkles. And isn’t a perfect skin what we all women want? Hello water!!

  • Water is essential for your kidneys.

Water keeps your kidneys healthy hence improving its function and keeping you in turn healthy. So care for your kidneys for a more healthy you.

  • Water keeps your bowel movements normal.

Your bowel movements depend upon your water intake. How much and when you’re drinking water helps or makes it difficult for your system to have normal bowel movements.

  • Water keeps you healthy.

In short, water is the only liquid that, although being tasteless is the most useful and essential liquid for your overall, physical and mental well-being.

But most of us, even after knowing about these and lots of other water benefits don’t drink enough water. The reason behind that is we “forget” to drink water. Or we only drink when we are at the edge of feeling thirsty. Do you know that when we feel thirsty we’ve already dehydrated our systems to an extent? So , its important for you to take care of yourself by drinking water so that you can take care of numerous other tasks that leads you to “forgetting” your own care.

Here are some suggestions on building your water intake habit.

  • Mark On Your Calendar and keep your calendar at a prominent place like on your refrigerator where you’re bound to notice that visual reminder.
  • Set reminders on your cellphone to remind you throughout the day that its time for you to have some water and then actually drink a glass.
  • Set a timer for an hour and at the end of each hour (or one and a half) hour drink your water and reset the timer to ring and remind you. It will be helpful to keep your timer near your water resource so that you actually do drink or at least take a sip when you go all the way to the ringing timer.

Do make a sheet for the whole month or the week and mark a single line on it as you drink your each glass. In a week or so you’ll notice how much you’ve improved your water intake and your general health. Don’t forget to share your way of reminding yourself to drink your daily health in the comments below. Happy Water Intake.


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      1. You’re welcome. It was just pointing to drinking pure water, but in any case, I have a filter and then I oxygenate my water. Anyway, you can disregard the link 🙂


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