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Just A Dream?

You want to be a fashion designer? Or a blasting web developer? Or the super-most artistic and creative graphic designer ever? Or you want to specialize in neuro sciences? Build something new and exciting for the world? Travel the globe? Be financially sound? Have inner peace? Educate the world? Or any big dream?

We all have some (or at least one) such dreams that we would love to accomplish. But we are so weak or not qualified or maybe our dream is just so weird? We surely are uncertain about our own abilities and what we can really accomplish. So we let our dream to be just that… a dream.

But do you know you can really & truly accomplish your dream. Your dream is not supposed to be just your dream, your wish. It can become a reality even though you feel totally sure that it is impossible.

So how can you really & truly make your dream become reality. Here are some steps.

Dream To Reality


  • Write your dream. No matter how impossible you think it is to achieve it. Every big project, every discovery and every invention was just a dream at first. So do not ever feel that your dream can not be a reality. And to give your dream a more concrete existence write it down. Write whatever you visualize. Whatever the details are. Be as detailed as possible. But don’t lose yourself in detailing your dream with ideas before even starting. You can always come back and write more ideas.
  • Write your uncertainities.
    Now each one of us have thousands of uncertainities in our mind. The thoughts that tell us that we are not capable enough. The thoughts that make us so small in front of the bigger dreams that we have. Write down all of these thoughts and then address yourself being sure of the fact that you can really prove these uncertain thoughts as to be boulders blocking your way and will surely find a way through these boulders.
  • Get Qualified. If you think that you are not qualified enough and you are really accurate in thinking so then get qualified. If you want to be a programmer but not good enough in your programming skills to start then search for courses that offer qualification. Enroll in a class if you can afford it and if you think that is a much better option for you to get some serious studying done. Give ample time to learning the concepts, mastering the logics’ and practicing the techniques. Don’t be flabbergasted by the little projects (as you dream of making a big one). These small programs will eventually lead you to make that big program as a pro. So be patient and consistent.
  • Be Strong to feel strong.
    So people tell you that you are not strong enough to pull your dream from the spheres of slumber land to real world? Or you just don’t feel strong enough and sure of your capabilities to deny the traditional and not-so-good norms and thought patterns? Do you feel dejected even at the thought of making the whole world an educated place? Change your thinking. Never be unsure about your capabilities. If you are not capable enough, qualify (see the above point). Never ever let yourself be in doubt. Get brave, get strong. You may find criticism big time in front of you, you many not see any improvement with a lot of effort but be patient and be consistent. If you are working for a good cause you will find strength within and you’ll succeed InshaAllah.
  • Weird is cool and good.
    So you want to make that really scientific-something. Maybe you have a great invention up your sleeve. But you stop thinking ‘It’s so weird’ , ‘People will make fun of me’ and the likes. Then listen “you are making yourself a loser.” I know it sounds harsh (sorry for that) but if you are letting people drive your life then you are not doing yourself good. Remember Einstein was labelled mad when he was inventing the bulb. But he thought his dream was not weird while people thought so and he accomplished his dream. He’s famous for it. Remember the Holy Prophet (Peace & Blessings be upon him)  when he started preaching? So believe in your dream and make sure it is for the good of humanity and your seemingly weird dream will be something cool and helpful.
  • Start with baby steps. Start small and make your way up. You conquer a mountain with a single step. So if your dream is to educate everyone around the globe or to spread education to the masses, realize it by taking small baby steps. Accomplish baby steps first. Start teaching your siblings, our kids, your maid’s kids, sub-ordinates kids, the child working at the vegetable shop or car-workshop for free. Then eventually save up or run a campaign and start a school. Rent a room somewhere or devote a room of your house as a school and hold free-classes there. You can ask for help from friends and family and from anyone who is willing to help without some form of salary.
  • Love the journey.
    You might feel that you are not accomplishing much in spite of your well-intentioned efforts. But it’s just for time being. Enjoy the process and realize that it is leading to your dream becoming reality. Educating a single child while your dream is to spread education around the globe is NOT nothing. It’s a big thing. It will lead you to teach another, then another, then people will join you, then word will get around, more people will join you.. Got the idea? So appreciate the process and love it. Do so willingly and realize that each step counts no matter how small it is.
  • Be happy on small accomplishments.
    You educated a child. He is graduating now. Wow! you accomplished a big thing. It is wonderful. Someone was able to improve his/her life with your help,effort, time and money. But they made you closer to your dream. That’s a success however small it is. Be happy on this seemingly small accomplishment.
  • What if your whole dream is not reality?
    Okay now with years and years of devotion you were just able to educate a handful of people or just your town. Now what to do? Is this a failure of the dream of educating the globe? You might think so but pause.. NO , It is NOT a failure. You accomplished a great deal…! You paved the way for others to come forward for this noble cause. You were the stepping stone for your dream’s reality and one day (maybe decades later) your dream will turn into reality. Never feel failed or unaccomplished. Remember you did what was possible for you, you accomplished a lot and succeeded in spreading as much as was your share. One day it will be spread globally.

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