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Brush To Revamp

There are days when we don’t feel really good and active. We progress through the tasks lazily, missing the bits here and there and not being in the mood to correct them. Deep down we all want to get out of this slumber but it just doesn’t seem realistic and easy enough to feel and get active quickly and easily.

Why We Feel Tired?

We might be feeling tired for a number of reasons. Some of them may  be:

  • Lack of sleep.
  • Overwhelm.
  • Sickness.
  • Laziness.
  • Stuck mode. (When you feel stuck in a situation.)

There are a number of ways to get and feel active once again but they do take time to prove their efficiency , like covering your sleep debt, treating your ailment, prioritizing and arranging your tasks, etc.

But these recovery methods all seem to require a lot of input and effort from your side and you are looking for an instant pick-me-up solution. I have got that for you…!!

My Instant Pick-Me-Up

I have divided my instant pick-me-up in three steps. I usually do all three when feeling down or find myself stuck in the not-so-active mode. You can follow the same three-step ritual or any one or two of the steps you like.

Step # 1: Go and brush your teeth. It takes only two minutes to do so. Make sure you see and smile at your reflection in the mirror. This may sound dumb but remember smiling is contagious. You feel clean, energized and happy after brushing your teeth and smiling at your reflection.

Step # 2: Now wash your face with soap and water. It takes only three minutes maximum.

Step # 3: Brush your hair and tie it neatly into a bun or ponytail or braid it or whatever. Get it out of your face. This may take 5 minutes depending on your hair length and style you prefer. Don’t go for  elaborate styles or you might get stuck there.

Now adding all , 2 + 3 + 5 = 10 minutes , and I feel ready to ace the world and accomplish the mountain of tasks that seemed overwhelming minutes before. And I am ready to do each task with as much efficiency and attentiveness as possible and with all the laziness at bay.

This is my instant pick-me-up. Do you have one for yourself? Share in the comments below.


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