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New Year Renewed


Smiles from the threshold of the year to come,

Whispering ‘it will be happier’…

Happy New Year… !!!

You might think I have gone crazy, wishing new year after 10 days. But no I am not. The purpose for wishing at this moment is to bring the thoughts back to you that you had at the beginning of the new year, just 10 days before. The resolutions, the promises, the goals, the everything you planned of accomplishing.

After the new year haywire has past, many of us even after 10 days have forgotten or lost track of the new year’s goals that were made with everyone around the world.

Life moves at a very fast pace, without us noticing. And it is only after the whole new year has passed that we once again take a look back at our lives and make resolutions once again, only to shrug our shoulders at the thought of them as the year progresses and then only to make the same ones for another year to come.

But how can we stop repeating this mistake and make some progress?

Learn From Your Mistake

Stop …!!! Stop in your life. Don’t shrug your shoulders if any thoughts come to your mind about the goals you made just 10 days before and you are far from even starting on the path. Learn from the repeated mistake and stop this cycle of making the same resolution year after year or of following the same no action strategy for your goals.

Re Evaluate Your Goals

Re-evaluate the goals you made 10 days before. Maybe they were made in a rush. Maybe you are overwhelmed by the large number of goals/resolutions you made. Maybe you have forgotten what was/were your resolution/resolutions. The last one might sound ridiculous to you but as ridiculous as it is , it is what most people do as they are not in the habit of writing their goals.

Pen Your Goals

Take a pen and paper and now list all the goals you want to accomplish. There might be quite a number of them. Now select the three most important goals for yourself. The ones that are near and dear to you. Now select the most dearest one as your first goal. Prioritise the other two as well in order of importance they hold for you. List these three goals, with the most important on top, followed by others. You can even decorate the list or print it out on some fancy paper or calligraphitise (you got the gist, no need for the word to be in dictionary :P) it beautifully.

Focus On The First As The Only Goal

Now focus on your first goal as the only goal for the year. The reason behind this strategy is that if you are unable to accomplish all three, you would have atleast accomplished one(and accomplishing one and being content with that one must be your goal). Don’t rush up or you won’t accomplish anything. Move in a steady pace. Motivate yourself for accomplishing that one goal. Surround yourself with positive energies and thoughts and take action and accomplish each baby step leading towards the accomplishment of your whole one goal.

Focus On The Other One

Now if the year is left, even a month or just a week, start with your other goal. Feel happy in the journey to accomplish that goal and feel happy that you have accomplished your one goal via several baby goals.

I’ll conclude with a poem by D. Simon that I found quite relaxing and motivating and inspiring (3 in 1). Happy goaling!

May light always surround you;

Hope kindle and rebound you.

May your hurts turn to healing;

Your heart embrace feeling.

May wounds become wisdom;

Every kindness a prism.

May laughter infect you;

Your passion resurrect you.

May goodness inspire

Your deepest desires.

Through all that you reach for,

May your arms never tire.

(D. Simone)

Note : You are encouraged to provide your valuable feedback in comments. 🙂


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