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Are You A Social Media Addict?

The world is all raging over social media and socialising. You have instant access to friends and relatives from all over the world. You have Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube, LinkedIn and what not for sharing and updating the world with what’s on your mind., commenting on others thoughts, in short keeping up with the world…instantly and for each instant.

social media is all the rage
Photo from flickr[dot] com by Jason A. Howie
But aren’t we getting addicted to virtual socialising? How many of you have really struck a conversation with the person sitting besides you (in the real world not the virtual one)? How long it has been for you to perform a prayer as the last task of the day instead of checking up your gadgets?

Social Media has become an addiction, a drug for us! Don’t believe? Try to keep yourself sane and safe with all your gadgets out of reach for four to five hours(or less but atleast more than one). You’ll realize your level of addiction by noting down how many times you think of something related to social media and how many times you unintentionally reach your pocket for your cellphone and how many times you try to log in to any socialising website (after blocking it for the decided time).

Social Media – An Addiction

Social media has proved quite dangerous for all of the people who use it beyond the right amount of time & without proper knowledge.

  • A drug whose addiction is being proven to be of more harm as that of drinks and other commonly considered drugs. People of all ages have become addicted to their virtual social lives and can be seen in quite an uncomfortable mood if you stop them (or force them) to stay away from their online life. They spend majority of time thinking about all that might be going on in the cyber world there, and how they’ll respond to it and all.
  • Rise in competition & decline in self-belief. With social media, people start comparing themselves with their peers. They often feel left-out and under-rate themselves, depending on what their peers and the world in general, have to say about themselves. So it’s better to stop comparing yourself to others and the easiest way for that is to limit your social media time.
  • Identity Crisis. The most dangerous aspect of social media so far. People start living in an imaginary world all the time. They forget their real selves, and instead of trying to improvise themselves they feel contented in their illusionary self and dwell on that. And when the reality strikes they are left … left out of everything.
  • Friendliness-less friends. With the world at our fingertips, we get to interact with thousands of people from all across the globe. And befriending them is good(with a lot of privacy please). But with these added friendships comes multitude of problems, keeping  privacy risks at bay, for many people. They start depending too much on these visual friends than on their real friends. Their interaction with their real friends decreases , they spend more than necessary time in getting to know their visual friends.
  • Loss of focus. People find themselves unable to focus on the tasks at hand. They are found to be lost in status updates, commenting, following, replying than in their work and studies.

Though a very positive advancement in technology that has made it easier for us to connect with people and get to know their cultures, but too much of it causes harm. The only solution lies in cutting back on your social media time. For tips to make this (cutting back on social media) possible be sure to check back for another great post.


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